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University of Puget Sound Office of Admission 1500 N. Warner St #1062 Tacoma, WA 98416-1062



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University of Puget Sound Office of Admission 1500 N. Warner St #1062 Tacoma, WA 98416-1062



From well-managed forests Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX Š 1996 Forest Stewardship Council


a unique confluence of the elements it is the definition of a brilliant idea, a genius play, a breakthrough moment — the point when everything comes together. a highly selective liberal arts college, puget sound is made for these moments. our location combines seascape, landscape, and city skyline. ocean waters and glacial rivers commingle in commencement bay. the cascade range rises against the open sky. the campus itself is a meeting place where people from across the country and around the world gather to share ideas, to learn, and to explore. from its spectacular vantage point in the pacific northwest, puget sound offers an education unlike any other.

the atmosphere of puget sound

The romans called

it “spiritus” — breath, air, thought — the idea that we are animated by what we breathe, and that as we breathe, we think. from the moment you arrive on the puget sound campus, you become part of an academic atmosphere that challenges your intellect and inspires you to excel. B y d e s i g n , P u g e t S o u n d f o s t e r s d i a l o g u e , d i s c u s s i o n , a n d d e b at e . T h e s t u d e n t f a c u lt y r at i o i s 11 : 1 , t h e a v e r a g e c l a s s s i z e i s 18 , a n d p r o f e s s o r s i n v i t e y o u t o r a i s e n e w q u e s t i o n s a n d d i s c u s s yo u r i d e a s b ot h i n a n d o u t o f c l a s s .

the academic program at Puget Sound is distinguished by a four-year core curriculum in the liberal arts tradition. In your time here, you learn to write and speak effectively, construct and evaluate arguments, and connect different modes of thought. Cultivating these skills shapes you into a citizen with an informed, multifaceted view of the world. Mastering them enhances your ability to communicate — and to lead. You have many options at Puget Sound. You choose eight core courses from a menu of dozens. You choose a major from more than 40 traditional disciplines and innovative interdisciplinary programs, including the offerings in the School of Music and the School of Business and Leadership. Your academic path shapes you. It expands your knowledge and deepens your understanding of the world around you — its past, present, and potential future — freeing you to contemplate and address issues of broad consequence. The freedom inherent in Puget Sound’s academic program is rooted in the liberal arts tradition — one designed to give you the flexibility you need to apply your education to a changing world. New horizons open to those who are prepared to cross boundaries, make connections, and adapt to varying circumstances. At Puget Sound, building a solid intellectual foundation through the core and major coursework is the basic step in that process. The next may be an independent study, which further develops your capacity to ask important questions and seek original answers. Or it may involve study abroad, a summer research project, or senior thesis, undertaken with the support of a faculty mentor. Whichever path you take, you will leave Puget Sound prepared for graduate school, service, or a challenging first career.

Puget Sound brings international students and scholars to campus and encourages students to study abroad. Students who study abroad gain a global perspective and develop a worldview informed by direct experience with diverse peoples, cultures, and ideas. Whether for a summer, a semester, or a full academic year, you may choose from programs in numerous countries and regions, from Argentina to Vietnam.


a sampling of courses

homer • imaging bl ackness: Bl ack film and

bl ack identit y • physiology of exercise •


• asia in motion •

genetics • oceanography • the ethics of human enhancement • physics of music • crime and punishment •

shakespeare’s world

• ancient philosophy • life,

d e at h , a n d m e a n i n g • m o d e r n r e v o l u t i o n s • c o s m o l o g i c a l t h o u g h t • h e a lt h a n d medicine •

modern labor economics • g l o b a l s t r u g g l e s o v e r i n t e l l e c t u a l

p r o p e r t y • p e a s a n t s , c o m m o d i t y m a r k e t s , a n d s ta r b u c k s : t h e e c o n o m i c s o f c o f f e e • astronomy • the posthuman future •

unraveling globalization • v i r t u e

a n d v i c e • k a n j i i n c o n t e x t • ta o a n d l a n d s c a p e a r t • e n v i r o n m e n ta l l a w • r h e t o r i c o f a d v e n t u r e • f i e l d b o ta n y •

software engineering • pa r a d i g m s o f l e a d e r s h i p

• inventing the barbarian • isl am and politics in southeast asia • neurobiology •

physical biochemistry • s p e c t r o s c o p i c d e t e r m i n at i o n o f s t r u c t u r e • j a z z h i s t o r y • t o u r i s m a n d t h e g l o b a l o r d e r • t h e h a r l e m r e n a i s s a n c e • w at e r p o l i c y

the heart of puget sound

when you enter the puget

sound community, you meet students and faculty who bring fire to every pursuit. it is a community galvanized by the desire to learn, to grow, and to reach the peak of performance — in the classroom, on the playing field, and on the stage. it’s a place to gather and share your energy and passions with others. With 2,600 students, dozens of majors, and hundreds of activities, Puget Sound fuels


t h at

e x pa n d s


l a b o r at o r i e s ,


s pac e s ,


c o n v e r s at i o n s t h at m a k e u p t h e d a i ly l i f e o f a r e s i d e n t i a l l i b e r a l a r t s c o l l e g e .


“The professors at Puget Sound are incredibly accessible. I probably call 70 percent of my professors by their first names. I’ve been to many of their houses for dinner. I’ve been to the president’s house for a fireside dinner. The relationships between students and faculty are collegial and professional.” Senior Hana Ilic, Belgrade, Serbia

A s yo u wa l k ac ro s s t h e p u g e t s o u n d c a m p u s , yo u ’ l l s e e s t u d e n ts a n d p ro f e s s o r s h av i n g l u n c h t o g e t h e r i n W h e e l o c k s t u d e n t c e n t e r o r c o f f e e i n O p p e n h e i m e r C a f é . y o u ’ l l f e e l a s p i r i t o f c o l l a b o r at i o n t h at t h e c o m m u n i t y e n c o u r a g e s a n d s u p p o r t s .

the people at Puget Sound come from different backgrounds and hometowns, yet there is a set of characteristics that they all share. The students are focused and academically driven. They’re motivated by a love for what they do. Diverse and open to new experiences, talented and appreciative of others’ talents, they are passionate about ideas. They also seek to turn those ideas into action. And whatever disciplines they pursue, they work under the guidance of dedicated Puget Sound professors. As Puget Sound students will continually tell you, professors really care. They know your name two classes into the semester. They write a page worth of comments on your three-page essays. They weave conversations into class periods, so no class goes by without an opening for interpretation and inquiry. They make sure everyone participates. They even trade places with their students, passing the chalk so that each student can find his or her voice. While the college’s student-faculty ratio is 11:1, individual advising is key to the liberal arts experience at Puget Sound. From day one, your advisor works with you to select courses from 1,200 annual offerings. When you choose a major, your major advisor will connect you to resources and programs such as internships and study abroad. When you write a senior thesis or conduct independent research, you choose a mentor to challenge your ideas and champion your progress. The further your studies advance, the closer these connections become. In academic life, Puget Sound students are far more collaborative than competitive. You’ll get together to fine-tune reports, study for tests, or share criticisms of your latest work. The tight-knit community — the small class sizes, the residential campus — leads to relationships that last a lifetime.

For many Puget Sound seniors, completing a senior thesis or final project is the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication. Wherever you find your inspiration — on campus, in the living laboratories of the Puget Sound region, or during periods of study and travel abroad — you will find professors across the disciplines eager to serve as advisors and mentors. In programs such as international political economy, every major completes a senior thesis. The studio art major culminates in a capstone exhibition at Kittredge Gallery.


the landscapes of puget sound

to the ancients,

earth was not inanimate. it was a living element that molded us and offered us a foundation for growth. at puget sound, the residential campus in the quiet north end neighborhood of tacoma does both. the city offers challenges, cultural resources, and chances for students to serve. the pacific northwest, meanwhile, grounds puget sound in one of the country’s most spectacular natural settings. P u g e t S o u n d ’ s P a c i f i c N o r t h w e s t l o c at i o n i s a w e i n s p i r i n g . WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO a pp r e c i at e THE SCENERY FROM SEA LEVEL o r t o s c a l e t h e h e i g h t s o f t h e C a s c a d e a n d O ly m p i c m o u n ta i n r a n g e s , p u g e t s o u n d ’ s ACCLAIMED NINE - DAY ORIENTATION a n d s t u d e n t - l e d OUTDOOR e x c u r s i o n s w i l l ta k e y o u a s f a r a s y o u w a n t t o g o .

the place is 97 acres of green quads, landscaped grounds, and towering evergreens; Tudor-Gothic residence halls, Greek houses, theme houses, and language houses; state-of-the art facilities for everything from study to sports. And unlike most other liberal arts college campuses, Puget Sound offers easy access to both outdoor adventure and urban culture. Puget Sound is located in Tacoma, Washington. The pedestrian-friendly city has a lot to offer: vintage boutiques, record shops, and independent bookstores; art museums, music venues, and restaurants; the ubiquitous coffeehouses that define the region.


The Puget Sound campus is about a half hour from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There’s one bus stop between campus and Tacoma’s downtown. A bus trip to Seattle is only $3.25 each way. Vancouver

Point Defiance Ferry Terminal


Old Town


N O R T H 21 S T S T












Port of Tacoma S







Fox Island McNeil Island




6th Avenue District

Tacoma Art Museum Museum of Glass Union Station Bridge of Glass Washington State History Museum


Tacoma Dome




earth • The Place

B ay


Lakewood Portland

Theatre District

6 T H AV E

S O U T H 19 T H S T

en t

Federal Way


Anderson Island NORTH 9TH ST

S O U T H 12 T H S T

ce m






N O R T H 18 T H S T






Gig Harbor

Na rro



Th e


Sea-Tac Airport

Maury Island der son Ba y


Proctor District


en m




Vashon Island

m Co


c RU



Th e N a r


Gig Harbor



Mercer Island





Co Ruston Waterfront



Zoo & Aquarium

Redmond Lake S ammamish

Point Defiance Park


Bainbridge Island

Lake Washington

Vashon Island Owen Beach

Mount Rainier

Ta c o m a i s r a n k e d o n e o f t h e m o s t l i va b l e c i t i e s i n A m e r i c a , a n d s t u d e n t s h e r e a g r e e . T h e S e at t l e - Ta c o m a a r e a i s a c r e at i v e c e n t e r t h at at t r a c t s l e a d e r s i n b u s i n e s s , t e c h n o l o g y, a n d t h e a r t s , a n d t h e t e m p e r at e c l i m at e i n v i t e s y e a r - r o u n d a c t i v i t y at n e a r b y pa r k s , l a k e s , r a i n f o r e s t s , m o u n ta i n r a n g e s , t h e Pa c i f i c O c e a n , a n d m o r e .

The college offers its neighbors a lot in return. Students and faculty at Puget Sound are conscious of their role as active citizens who are engaged in the life of the broader community. For most students, being a responsible citizen begins at home, in Tacoma. Merging academic and regional interests, the college links scholars with community members to focus on specific issues, such as homelessness in Pierce County or the ecosystems of Commencement Bay. Students’ work on these projects translates into valuable hands-on experience. You might conduct interviews, master advanced technologies, and analyze actual data. These experiences are essential to a Puget Sound education, which introduces you to new ideas and challenges you to connect them meaningfully to the real world. Because nothing provides a sense of place like serving the community, students volunteer to clean up parks, organize fundraisers, and work with local kids as coaches, tutors, and mentors — presenting themselves as strong models for future generations. Another example of the college’s mindfulness about the future is its commitment to living green. Sustainability efforts range from residential to academic — from the Live Green House to the environmental policy and decision making program, the Puget Sound mindset of giving back serves you no matter how you choose to serve the world.


the life of puget sound

more than 40 majors and inter-

disciplinary programs, 1,200 course offerings per year, hundreds of clubs and organizations, 23 varsity teams, and countless leadership, internship, and service opportunities – the puget sound campus overflows with possibility. every opportunity you seize will change your outlook, your level of engagement, your definition of who you are, and your vision of who you want to become. With the help of student researchers, Professor Joel Elliott has worked for n e a r ly a d e c a d e t o r e s t o r e t h e n e a r s h o r e h a b i tat o f C o m m e n c e m e n t B ay. T h i s w o r k i s j u s t o n e e x a m p l e o f t h e p o s s i b i l i t i e s o p e n to yo u to m a k e a l a s t i n g c o n t r i b u t i o n t o t h e r e g i o n , t h e s c i e n t i f i c c o m m u n i t y, a n d t h e w o r l d at l a r g e .

the possibilities at Puget Sound are as limitless as your potential. In your time here, you will head in many directions. You will change course. That is because true progress rarely happens in a straight line. A Puget Sound education is meant to give you the freedom and flexibility to make progress — gradually, over a period of time, in ways impossible to predict when you first immerse yourself in the life of this campus. Whether you dive into college life at Puget Sound or ease into it, it will change you. Every student here can name one, two, three involvements beyond academics. You might play varsity, intramural, or club sports, run for a seat on the student-run governing council, write features for the campus paper. You might deejay a radio show and become part of the soundtrack of life at Puget Sound. You might start an organization that is completely new. However you choose to get involved, every staff member, every office at Puget Sound, is geared toward your success. Your greatest challenge is to decide on the kind of success to pursue. Off campus, you might find an internship in Tacoma, or intern for a summer in another corner of the country. You might do summer work or research that leads to graduate school, law school, or medical school. You might apply for a prestigious postgraduate fellowship, or join the Peace Corps. Your education at Puget Sound is a beginning. Professors teach you to use logic and reason to cut to the quick of an argument. They challenge you to evaluate claims and test assertions. They encourage you to seek truths on your own. The sense of confidence, responsibility, and independence you bring here are essential to your education. It is up to you to cultivate these qualities and continue the process of learning, knowing that what you learn here gives you the tools to seize every existing opportunity — and to create new ones.

Opportunities to turn academic engagement into meaningful realworld experience extend well beyond graduation. Puget Sound students routinely win prestigious postgraduate research and travel awards, including Fulbright, Mellon, and Watson fellowships. Puget Sound students also gain acceptance to the top-ranked law and medical schools in the country. Puget Sound graduates who apply to medical and dental schools are accepted at a rate well above the national average.


student athletes

Your engagement in the life of the college can take many forms, from a leadership position in student government to a spot on a varsity team. With 11 men’s and 12 women’s teams, Puget Sound offers more varsity sports than any other NCAA Division III school in the Northwest Conference. Consistently advancing to postseason competition, the Loggers have captured 37 Northwest Conference Championships in the last decade.

courses of study In addition to the core curriculum,

students at Puget Sound pursue at least one major course of study. Students also may choose to pursue a second major or supplement a major with a minor. Programs at a Glance • African American Studies • Art (Studio Art and Art History) • Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese, Japanese, and East Asian Languages) • Asian Studies • Biochemistry • Biology • Business • Chemistry • Classics • Communication Studies • Comparative Sociology • Computer Science • Economics • Education • Engineering, Dual Degree • English

• Environmental Policy and Decision Making • Exercise Science • Foreign Languages and Literature (French, German, Spanish, and Foreign Language and International Affairs) • Gender Studies • Geology • Global Development Studies • History • International Political Economy • Latin American Studies • Mathematics • Molecular and Cellular Biology

• Music (Music Performance, Music Education, and Music with Elective Studies in Business) • Natural Science • Neuroscience • Occupational Therapy • Philosophy • Physical Therapy • Physics • Politics and Government • Psychology • Religion • Science, Technology, and Society • Special Interdisciplinary Majors • Theatre Arts

For more information about specific majors, minors, or special programs, please visit

A sampling of the countries and regions where Puget Sound students study abroad: • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Botswana • Brazil • Cameroon • Chile • China • Costa Rica • Czech Republic


• Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • El Salvador • England • France • Germany • Ghana • Greece • Guatemala

• Hungary • India • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Morocco • Namibia • Netherlands • New Zealand

• Nicaragua • Oman • Pacific Rim • Peru • Samoa • Scotland • Spain • Taiwan

the application process From more than 5,500

applicants in a typical year, Puget Sound selects a class of 675 freshmen. In evaluating each application, the Committee on Admission considers the following criteria:

• Content and rigor of high school courses. We look for candidates who have tackled the most challenging programs of study offered at their individual schools. • Grade point average. Your GPA is a measure of how you have performed in the context of your particular school. • SAT I or ACT score. Scores on standardized tests help us evaluate applicants from many different schools in relation to one another. • Class rank (if available). The ranking is a way to see how a student performs in relation to his or her classmates. • A personal essay. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself in your own voice and to show us aspects of your experience that may not be evident in other parts of the application. • Cocurricular interests. We look for significant participation and leadership rather than the number of interests and involvements you have. • Teacher and counselor recommendations. These are the people who can tell us the most about you as a student. • A personal interview. While not required, a personal interview is a highly recommended part of the admission process because it helps us learn about you face to face.

Regular Decision Admission If you apply under the regular admission calendar, your application must be completed and postmarked by January 15. We notify applicants on or before April 1. We will mail you detailed application instructions, which you can also find online at

Early Decision Admission Early decision is designed for applicants who know that Puget Sound is their first choice and agree to enroll if they are admitted. Early decision candidates are considered in advance of other candidates for admission and for financial aid and housing. There are two early decision options, one with an application postmark date of November 15, and a decision date of December 15, and the other with a January 2 application deadline and February 15 decision. Find specific instructions at

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit The college honors student achievement in particular programs with course credit. Through the Advanced Placement program, college credit is awarded to students who earn scores of 4 or 5 (and in some areas, 3). International Baccalaureate students receive college credit with scores of 5, 6, or 7 on Higher Level exams.

Financial Aid We are committed to working with families to make a Puget Sound education affordable. As a private college, we recognize our responsibility to help meet the financial need of students who want to invest in the advantages we offer. Typically, we are able to offer need-based aid awards to approximately 65 percent of our students. We invite you to check our online resources at www.pugetsound. edu/financialaid to learn more about the application process and specific categories of aid.


visiting campus The best way to get a true feel for

Puget Sound is by visiting. Touring the campus, sitting in on classes, talking with professors, coaches, and current students, even spending a night in a residence hall — all are invaluable in helping you decide if Puget Sound is right for you. The best time to visit Puget Sound is during the week, while classes are in session. Specific visiting options vary with the season, with student-led campus tours and meetings with admission counselors available throughout the year. The Office of Admission is open year-round Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Student-guided tours are offered

hourly, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Appointments for regular tours are recommended, but not necessary. Saturday morning tours and limited interviews are available September through April, from 9 a.m. to noon. We invite you to visit the admission Web site to learn about special visit days at And we look forward to welcoming you to campus.

facts and figures Location

Campus Life

• Tacoma, Washington, population approximately 200,000; 35 miles south of Seattle • Campus located in the residential North End neighborhood, near shopping, downtown, and waterfront • 97-acre landscaped campus with varied residential options

Neustadt Creative Marketing/Studio 39 East

Photography provided by Ty Milford Photography, Ross Mulhausen, and Holden Sapp ’10.

Students • 2,600 students, 42% men and 58% women from 48 states and 20 countries; 76% from outside Washington state • High school class rank: 75% in top quarter • SAT I scores: middle 50% between 1120 and 1350 (Critical Reading and Math) • ACT scores: middle 50% between 25 and 30 • Ethnic/national distribution: African American 3% Asian/Pacific Islander 9% Caucasian 74% Hispanic/Latino 4% International 1% Native American 1% Other 8%

Faculty • Hold doctorate or equivalent: 98% of tenure-line faculty • Full-time: 93% • Student-faculty ratio: 11 to 1

Curriculum • Liberal arts with four-year core curriculum • 1,200 courses and more than 40 traditional and interdisciplinary areas of study • More than 100 wide-ranging organizations and clubs • Active student government • Greek-letter organizations

Athletics and Recreation • NCAA Division III Northwest Conference • 23 varsity sports • Varied intramural and club sports

University Diversity Statement

Equal Opportunity Policy

Cost of Attendance (2009–10) Tuition: $35,440 Room and Board: $9,190 Fees: $360 Total: $44,990

Financial Aid Approximately 65% of students receive need-based assistance.

Office of Admission Please let us know if we can provide more information, answer questions, or help you plan a campus visit. University of Puget Sound Office of Admission 1500 N. Warner St. #1062 Tacoma, WA 98416-1062 800.396.7191 253.879.3211

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