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Neuroeducation, Inc., P.C. Licensed Board Certified Mental Health Counselors At Neuroeducation in Spokane, we apply proven methods, both psychological and educational strategies, to overcome these challenges. Our trained psychologists have the ability to see the core of the problem. Each of us is an individual with our own set of strengths and weaknesses. We recognize this and can apply both Psychological and Educational strategies. Therapist, Counseling, Counselor, Psychologist.

Our Process:


•The intake includes a thorough history from prenatal to present day and an opportunity to discuss pressing concerns (academic, behavioral, and/or emotional).


•In the evaluation stage, we focus on assessing the client’s learning process and/or psychological concerns.


•During the consultation, we present a report of our evaluation results, conclusions and recommendations. Our recommendations typically include items that can be addressed both by our staff and by others close to the client (parents, teachers, doctors and other professionals).


•The treatment phase is the beginning of an exciting, rewarding time for our staff and our clients. Our extensive experience tells us that working together we can guide our clients to more successful lives. Many times, the level of success is more than they thought possible.

Treatment: At Neuroeducation our licensed psychologists and counselors provide Psychological/Behavioral Health Care Services diagnosis and treatment for many mental health issues, including the following:     

ADHD Concentration Motivation Behavior Anxiety

    

Depression Socialization Conduct Adjustment Disorders Anorexia/Bulemia

    

Grief/Loss Mood Disorders Phobias Relationship Issues Tourette’s Syndrome

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Epilepsy Autism Motivation Asperger’s Syndrome Developmental Delay

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