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“Selected as One of the Leading Wealth Managers of Texas”

-Published in 2009 Forbes Magazine by Goldline Research

Finally enjoy the Fruits of your Labor Your Most Trusted Advisor. Fluent Financial

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Wouldn’t it be nice to drop everything on your golf swing? Published and in work Forbes Magazine

“Fluent Financial: One of the Leading Wealth Managers of Texas”

- Goldline Research

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide our clients with sound, objective and unbiased financial services.

Philosophy: A sound plan is the result of equally passionate vision. The result is a richly detailed financial plan, unique to you, unparalleled in detail and design. Fluent Financial strives to exceed expectations and to provide a range of financial services that ensure lasting legacies for generations to come.

You Have Everything To Lose. See Where You Stand. Let the Experts at Fluent Financial Become Your Trusted Financial Advisors & Put You on the Fast Track to a Secure Future.

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You CAN Live the Life of Your Dreams.


ou see them. Those people in your community who seem to have it all and effortlessly living the life of their dreams. Maybe they retired early and are now living a life of leisure. Maybe they are able to take those luxurious vacations or send their children to the finest universities. Have you ever wondered how they got to where they are now? Was it luck? Do they know something that you do not? Chances are those people are working with a Certified Financial Planner™.

A Trusted Financial Advisor Can O ffer All of the Following:

It’s true. A certified financial planner really can make a difference between you living an average life and living the life of your dreams.

• Reduce overall risk • Prevent you from selling at the bottom of the market • Rebuild your portfolio when corrections occur • Find alternatives to your current portfolio that may have less risk with similar returns • Issue stop losses when the market is in free fall so you can get out at predetermined levels (remember the Fall 2008 crash) • Offer tax efficient investment advice • And much more

The truth is your portfolio alone is not going to make you wealthy. According to “The Excellent Investment Advisor,” N. Murray states that only 5% of your investment return comes from your investment selection. The other 95% comes from the quality of advice the investor received or did not receive. This study revealed that a qualified financial advisor is worth SIX PERCENTAGE points a year in returns.


The Value of a Sound Financial Plan

Save Time by Allowing Trusted Experts to Handle Your Financial Matters.


of people do not have a clear sound, detailed financial plan. They are living each day unprotected and unaware of the enormity looming if something unexpected should happen. Financial security is imperative and takes a sound game plan; detailed and tailored to meet your unique needs, well implemented flawlessly and updated regularly as your circumstances change. Financial planning isn’t just about the rate of return on your investments; it’s about accumulating and protecting your wealth and your family. The LPL Certified Financial Planners™ at Fluent Financial understand the complexity of these financial components and will implement a strategic plan and will work in conjunction with you, your CPA and attorney to ensure that we are all working seamlessly to build your wealth. More importantly, a successful financial plan is not a stagnant “one and done” transaction. The plan is consistently updated for changes in the market and your life.

Fluent Financial’s wealth management strategy includes a comprehensive financial plan, which encompasses several disciplines: • Cash Flow Planning

• Estate and Trust Planning

• Insurance Coverage Analysis

• Education Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Wealth Transfer

• Distribution Planning

• Investment Management

• Risk Mitigation

• Tax Minimization

Long-term goals will not only incorporate the areas above, but will also cover your long-term vision regarding the way you wish to be remembered. This can help you create your vision as it relates to: • Donating to Your Favorite Church or Charity • Supporting Your Alma Mater • Leaving a Family Legacy



• Creating Scholarships • Contributing to Your Community

Finding a Find a Financial Planner That You Can Trust There are many “financial advisors” out there. How do you know which one will serve your best interests? There are several things to consider - the most imperative is choosing a firm that is independent, objective and promotes no proprietary products.

What Puts Us Above The Rest? Independent • No Proprietary Products • Unbiased • Tax Planning Fluent Financial is unique from other financial advisors for several reasons:


Tax Planning - Co-owner Rusty Boaz, a CPA with over 25 years experience in corporate taxes, is an expert in tax planning, treasury, and risk management, having been a VP of Tax/ Treasury and a Divisional CFO for public companies. He is also a CPA and CFP and holds a master’s degree in tax.


Experience & Recognized Excellence Founder and Co-owner Mitch Kramer, has more than 20 years experience in financial planning, business planning, and growing a business. He is also a CFP with a MBA in Strategic Planning. Mitch has been in the top 4% of all LPL advisors and was voted one of the top financial planners by FORBES and Texas Monthly in 2009.

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Elite Focus - Fluent Financial limits the number of clients in order to provide “best-in” service and unmatched personal attention.

Behavioral Finance Specialization - We effectively guide you toward rational, fact-based decision-making opposed to reacting in times of duress. We help you understand the potential hazards of overreacting to down markets as well as provide a calming influence in times of crisis, such as death or divorce, providing you the peace of mind that we will focus on your goals, even through turbulent times.

With Fluent Financial, you’ll be choosing a financial planning team that listens and always works in your best interest and helps you answer life’s more provocative questions: • How much money will you need to retire comfortably and stay that way? • How can you protect your assets and build your wealth in a tax efficient manner? • Are you prepared to handle any of life’s “storms” and unexpected challenges like job loss or disability? • How will you pay for your children’s college education or the cost of caring for an elderly parent? • What will you do if your spouse, or child, becomes chronically ill? Fluent Financial is a professional financial firm whose education, industry knowledge and experience will inspire trust and confidence. When it comes to your financial security, you don’t want to leave it to chance and you don’t want to have to go alone.


Tax Expertise - Don’t Pay More Than You Owe

Did you know that the top individual average tax rate was 60% from 1913 - 2009?

Chances are you’re probably paying more in taxes than you need to. Fluent Financial handles all facets of financial planning; however, is it the tax planning that really sets Fluent Financial apart from the rest. Taxes are a cost of doing business that affects us all and we all want ensure we aren’t paying extra. As the deficit climbs and the tax rate rises, the right experts can protect you against the coming storm. Some of the areas we focus on are: • Defined benefits plans, SEPs, 401(k)s, Roth IRA Conversion • Oil and Gas direct investment • Alternative minimum tax effect on stock options • Tax efficient investments • We have many tools to minimize your taxes

It is the mission of Fluent Financial’s professionals to stay current on new tax law changes and the opportunities that exist for you, your family or your business.



Fulfilling your Passion, Purpose and Vision. What You Can Expect as a Valued Client


ou are unique. Therefore, we are a unique firm that is encompasses the personae of a streamlined family office. Unlike a typical firm, we are diligent in learning about you, your family, goals and interests. Most importantly, we want to help you fulfill your vision.

Expect excellence. We commit upfront to put your best interests and desires first, to give you the highest level of client satisfaction, pay attention to the details; like ensuring that a real person will always answer the phone when you call. We firmly believe our clients like doing business with us because we strive to establish an unparalleled level of satisfaction and trust with each and every one.

In fact, we have a 99% client retention rate. Expect a Well Executed Results-Based Plan We will create a streamlined, comprehensive financial plan that secures and protects your family, assets and works to help attain your goals.

• Your advisor works alongside you to execute the plan together • Periodic reviews • Focus on wealth preservation, protection and transfer Expect Investment Strategies • Increase returns • Stabilize or decrease risk • Tax efficiency • Personalized performance reporting Expect Clear and Multifaceted Communication We set high quality standards to provide you and equip you with clear, concise up-to-the-minute information. Whether you are tech-savvy or prefer a more personal approach to communication, we will adhere to your needs. • Personal face-to-face in-office client reviews • Newsletters and Webinars on the state-of-theeconomy and how it pertains to you. • We establish relationship and stand in as an expert liaison with your other financial professionals- CPA, Attorney, Banker, etc. and work in conjunction on your behalf • Client appreciation events • Ability to work with clients who reside in other states


Client Case #1


eet Bob and Carol, a married couple in their mid 50s that both own a business. Bob and Carol are the parents of two adult children. Bob is making $600,000 per year in his construction business and paying almost $200,000 in taxes annually. Carol owns a successful high-end boutique that brings in $150,000 per year. Bob and Carol have different ideas of how they want to retire and what to do with their legacy.

Bob and Carol’s Objectives: • Both Bob and Carol want to lower their taxes

Results: • Set up a defined benefit pension plan that saved Bob and Carol more than $100,000 in federal income taxes annually.

• Bob and Carol both understand their wealth is concentrated in their businesses and want to diversify • They want to position Bob’s business for sale in the future • Bob wants to leave a large inheritance to their children while Carol wants to give a large donation to charity

• Able to position Bob’s investment portfolio so that it somewhat offset his risk in his business, which was tied to home building. When home building fell, his other investments performed well enough for him to weather the storm. • Helped them both set up some limited liability companies to shield their exposure to potential lawsuits

The Fluent Financial Solution We were able to develop a comprehensive estate plan that allowed them to be able to give enough to their children so they were comfortable while at the same time fulfilling Carol’s philanthropic desires.



related to their businesses and made sure they had adequate insurance coverage. • Helped Bob identify and fix weaknesses in his business, strengthening the back office

Client Case #2


eet Greg, a father of three and a husband of 18 years. He earns a salary and bonus of more than $500,000 per year. Although Greg is not planning to retire for another 10 years he is already concerned about his retirement as he feels he is spending as much as he makes. He came to Fluent Financial to make sure his plan was on target.

Greg’s objectives: • Cash out the thousands of firm stock options he currently owns • Lower his taxes • Diversify his portfolio - currently 50% of his net worth is in company stock, which is never advisable. • Pay for his three children to go to the college of their choice • Live comfortably in retirement • Make sure his family is taken care after his death

The Fluent Financial Solution We developed a sound financial plan, which not only enabled Greg to retire five years earlier than planned, but also gave both he and his wife great comfort and peace of mind, knowing their family’s future is more secure.

Results: • Lowered Greg’s taxable income by $200,000 and his corresponding taxes by $70,000 by advising him to invest in a natural gas drilling program. • Increased his portfolio rate of return by 3% while holding his risk constant, resulting in the accumulation of an additional $500,000 of wealth over his lifetime. • Diversified his portfolio by selling his firm stock immediately after exercising his options. • Set up 529-college savings plans for his children, making the most of this tax efficient vehicle. • Discovered and corrected insufficiencies in Greg’s life insurance and disability coverage.


Not Convinced? Consider this.


ccording to the Social Security Administration, if you take 100 people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age according to the Social Security Administration only ONE will be wealthy; FOUR will be financially secure; FIVE will continue working not because they want to but because they have to; 36 will be dead and 54 will be dead-broke-dependent on meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living. That’s 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful. Will you be in the 5% or the 95%? If you continue to go it alone your odds are not good. However, the right Certified Financial Planner, one like Fluent Financial, can make all the difference and allow you to build the long-lasting wealth you need to enjoy retirement and ensure the security of your family. *Based on total revenues, as reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2009.

You Have Everything To Lose. See Where You Stand. Let the Experts at Fluent Financial Become Your Trusted Financial Advisors & Put You on the Fast Track to a Secure Future. Call 972.852.4810 Today for Your Complimentary Consultation. 8


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