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Station Control System SCS 2010

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RMG Station control system SCS 2010 PLC with touch panel (HMI system) for small and medium tasks The station control system SCS 2010 is particularly well suited for the control of sophisticated processes in the gas industry. The highlights of the SCS 2010 are its reliability, of course, but also simple and transparent operation thanks to the 6“ touch panel with colour display. It solves your complex control challenges, like e.g. pressure, flow rate and temperature control, but also assists you with data collection and communication. For customisation, the basic hardware can be easily retrofitted with numerous optional input and output modules. Troubleshooting is made easy thanks to the transparent display of messages and control-room-type acknowledgement procedures for failure.


Control tasks: • Controlling outlet pressure • Controlling inlet pressure • Protection based on meter readings • Controlling standard flow rates • Position control for electrical and pneumatic valves • Caloric value and wobbe control • Controlling mixing ratios • Bypass control, cascade control • Controlling gas temperature • Optimising gas supply • Automatic switchover between measuring and control lines

Features: • Controlling and monitoring process parameters • List of messages reporting system status /conditions • Graphs • Protection with passwords • Web-based remote operation and supervision based on TCP/IP networks • Remote connections using remote protocols IEC 60870-5-104(101) (or others) • Quick RMG customer support thanks to remote maintenance software

RMG Station control system SCS 2010 Example of an SCS 2010 application: Controlling RMG 512 and RMG 658


RMG remote maintenance

Control point Remote connection Remote visualisation Fernverbindung

SCS 2001 SCS 2001 RMGsoftware Software withmit RMG Profibus oder Modbus

zus. diskrete Eingänge

SCS 2010




Pulse-width-modulation Pulspausenmodulator RMG 110 a RMG 110a

Regulator 658 ReglerRMG RMG 658 Pressure Druckmess transmitter Umformer Flow Flow comComputer puter

RMG 512 A winning team: SCS 2010 and RMG 638/658 • Major benefit: Supply safety In the event of a blackout, this system will continue pneumatically. Supply to the next consumer in line is safe. With the SCS 2010, you have a safe and flexible automation system facilitating easy and simple link-up to all customary communication interfaces.


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