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ERZ 2000 Flow Computer Series

ERZ 2000

Micro-computer for Optional Flow Correction Available as

Flow corrector based on state variables ERZ 2004 Flow corrector based on density variables ERZ 2002 Flow corrector based on calorific value ERZ 2102, ERZ 2104 Differential pressure calculator ERZ 2112, ERZ 2114 Multistream version ERZ 2404


Parallel calculation of compressibility according to all established methods, (e.g., GERG 88 S, AGA 8, AGA NX 19 or Beattie-Bridgeman) When carrying out corrections using density and standard density, the speed of sound effect is measured and calculated PC-based computer Parameters are freely programmable and remote parameterisable

ERZ_2000_00_DE ERZ_2000_00_GB ERZ_2000_00_PL ERZ_2000_00_RU

Operation & maintenance, spare parts

Easy to operate using Internet browsers


DSfG control point function


Version ERZ 2404 for up to 4 gas meters


Optional plug-in Ex-i card for pressure, temperature and volume inputs


Gas rates function


Correction of meter’s performance curve (also using Reynold’s index)


Parameters, constants, limit values freely programmable Freezing measuring and calculation values Calibration “on the fly” Plug-in modules, 19" plug-in PTB-approved Connections

Technical description

2-channel volume input Digital and analogue inputs Impulse and analogue outputs DSfG interface according to DVGW G 485 Modbus interface (ASCII/RTU/TCP) Ethernet TCP/IP network interface


Electronic totalizers

Supply voltage

230/110 VAC, 24 VDC



Ambient temperature

–20 °C to +55 °C To top

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