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Product Data Sheet October 2015


Safestick PrevENt High performance self-adhesive bitumen membrane roofing system. Product Details Safestick PrevENt Cap

Systems SA Detailing Underlay

Systems SA VCL

Roll Weight (kg)




Weight (kg/m²)




Roll Dimensions (m)




Base Type (g/m²)

230 (polyester)

175 (polyester)

150 (polyester)


Features Features & & Benefits Benefits

Safestick PrevENt high performance self-adhesive bituminous roofing system has been developed specifically for the professional installer and for use where traditional hot application techniques are inappropriate or prohibited by client requirement.

The combination of high tensile polyester bases and SBS elastomeric bitumen coatings, ensures all the tried and trusted benefits of a high performance multi-layer built-up system are achieved with a totally fire safe application technique. In addition, Safestick PrevENt also features the IKO Graphite Firewall Technology in the cap sheets, ensuring compliance with the highest UK and European fire performance standards.

• As well as being used for full system installations, the Safestick PrevENt membranes can also be used as detailing or fire break materials at detail work, when using hot applied systems.

System Build-Up

Detailing Options: IKOpro Polimar Liquid Detailing or IKO Pre-formed Bituminous Details

• Safestick PrevENt Cap Sheet Systems SA Detailing Underlay Enertherm PIR ALU Insulation (Bonded in IKOpro Insulation PU Adhesive Or IKOpro Fastick 2-Part PU Adhesive) Systems S-A Vapour Control Layer (Deck primed with IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent)

Fire safe in application– no naked flames used during installation Fire safe in service – PrevENt Graphite Fire Wall Technology Easy installation – self adhesive/heat welding, no gas torches or hot bitumen required High strength – tough polyester based membranes SBS elastomeric bitumen coating (low temperature flexibility -20°C) Application in temperatures as low as 5°C Comprehensive guarantees available covering materials, workmanship and design Ideal for use as complete roof waterproofing, or as a fire safe detailing option

Product Data Sheet V1

October 2015

System Components Safestick PrevENt Cap Sheet is a high performance self-adhesive cap sheet consisting of a graphite treated polyester base, coated with SBS self-adhesive modified bitumen. It has a slate finish on the top surface and a removable release film on the underside. The product has a minimum 75mm sanded selvedge, to allow side laps to be heated welded using hot-air equipment. Systems S-A Detailing Underlay (Self-Adhesive) is a high performance SBS modified polyester reinforced underlay with a specially formulated self-adhesive coating. Protected to the underside with a release film that must be removed during installation. Systems S-A Vapour Control Layer (Self-Adhesive) is a polyester reinforced, SBS self-adhesive coated, aluminium lined vapour control layer with a fine mineral finish. The VCL has a removable release film on the underside and a minimum 75mm selvedge free of surface coating to facilitate the sealing of side laps. The selvedge is protected by a release film strip which must be removed prior to overlapping. IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent is a solvent based primer based on synthetic rubber and resins which is specially formulated to activate self adhesive bitumen roofing membranes to promote a strong bond even at low temperatures. Satisfactory bonding is possible at temperatures as low as 5°C with the bond strength increasing with time. Systems Bonding Agent is ready to use and can easily be applied by brush or roller. IKOpro Insulation PU Adhesive is a permanently elastic, moisture curing, single part polyurethane adhesive with light foaming capacity for bonding rigid insulation boards. It is tolerant of use in damp conditions, however all liquid water must be removed from the substrate prior to application. IKOpro Fastick is a two part PU adhesive with a chemical cure, and is specially formulated to bond a range of recommended substrates. Insulation boards can be secured within 5-10minutes, and the adhesive will be stronger than the insulation in 20 - 30 minutes. IKOpro Fastick PU Adhesive has no upper or lower temperature limitations and has only one formula for all seasons. As long as the product is kept at room temperature prior to application, it can be used in all temperatures including well below freezing. Enertherm PIR ALU Insulation is a CFC/HCFC-free polyisocyanurate board, faced on both sides with an aluminium kraft complex. It offers excellent thermal performance and is lightweight and easy to use. Standard board size: 1200mm x 1000mm (1.2m2). The surface of the insulation board must be primed with a thin layer of IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent (and allowed to dry), prior to application of the underlay. IKO Pre-formed Bituminous Details comprise a profiled galvanised steel backing to which is bonded an SBS modified bituminous membrane with a slate finish. Available in universal drip-edge / check kerb or upstand profiles, they are mechanically fixed with joints to the main waterproofing membrane heat welded.

Application SafeStick PrevENt roofing membranes should be installed generally in accordance with BS 8217: 2005, Code of Practice for Reinforced bitumen membranes for roofing, and to IKO specifications. All roof decks, and upstands must be primed with IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent and allowed to dry prior to application of self adhesive membranes. The membrane should be installed as soon as possible after the primer has dried. Self-adhesive membranes should be installed by laying out the roll into the correct position with the release paper intact and cut to size. Roll back to the centre and carefully cut through the release film. Roll the roll forward, at the same time removing the release paper and smoothing on to the substrate. Repeat process for the second half of the roll.

Product Data Sheet October 2015


Application Continued… Notes for installing the VCL: All lap joints in the VCL should be a minimum of 75mm. Side and end laps are sealed using hot-air equipment as necessary to complete the joint. Notes for installing the underlay: All lap joints in the underlay should be a minimum of 75mm and pressure rolled to ensure a good seal. Temporary seals/night joints should be sealed by the use of hot air welding all lap joints. Notes for installing the slate surfaced cap sheet: Side and end lap joints should be a minimum of 75mm. All lap joints must be sealed using hot air welding techniques and a visible bead of bitumen must be exuded from all welded lap joints. Temperature awareness Self-adhesive membranes are easiest to apply at a temperature above 8°C but can still be installed in temperatures as low as 5°C. To assist with installation during cold weather conditions, materials should be stored at a temperature between 10°C and 20°C prior to use, and should not be stored on the roof overnight. Note: Only IKO Registered Contractors may carry out installation of Safestick membranes. Storage Safestick membranes should be stored on end, on a clean level surface away from excessive heat and under cover. It is essential that these membranes are stored between 10°C and 20°C for 24 hours prior to use.

Typical Properties Essential Characteristic


Harmonised Technical Specification

External Fire Performance


EN 13501-5

Reaction to Fire


EN 13501-1



EN 1928

Maximum Tensile Force

Long ≥ 400 N/50mm Tran ≥ 400 N/50mm

EN 12311-1


Long ≥ 18% Tran ≥ 18%

EN 12311-1

Resistance to Static Loading


EN 12730 (A)

Resistance to Tearing

Long ≥ 160N Tran ≥ 160N

EN 12310-1

Flexibility at Low Temperature (after ageing to EN 1296)

Upper ≤ -10˚C Lower ≤ -10˚C

EN 1109

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