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Master Plan The Beacon Yards: DeNovo Urbanism Research Studio focused on the urban design issues raised by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT’s) proposal for the redesign of the Allston/Cambridge interchange of the Massachusetts Turnpike (MassPike) in Boston. After fully studying the complexities of land ownership, real estate development potential, and the neighborhood politics surrounding the site, ten graduate students worked with Tim Love to produce a single comprehensive master plan for land owned by MassDOT, Harvard University, and Boston University. Their collective vision is centered on a new commuter rail/transit station, an integrated open space/stormwater network, and a hierarchy of new streets that have been designed to accommodate a fully integrated range of transportation modes as strongly recommended by Boston’s Complete Streets guidelines and demanded by project stakeholders.

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Beacon Yards: DeNovo Urbanism  

Beacon Yards: DeNovo Urbanism