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ased in Indonesia, Onggy Hianata is an international network marketing leader whose organization spans five continents. Onggy grew up in dire poverty and started his network marketing business from scratch in 1992. After many ups and downs, he finally created a successful “support system” for his team called Freedom Faithnet Global (FFG). Onggy and his leaders are famous for organizing transformational boot camps that help participants improve in all aspects of their lives. Onggy’s dream is to leave a global legacy of human development and trans-generational wealth.—J.G.

Childhood home in Takaran

Tell us a little about your upbringing. I was born in 1962 under my Chinese name, Ong Hian Tjoen. My father, Ong Tjoey Moey, was from Fujian, China. My mother, Oey Giok Tjoen, was from Sandakan, Malaysia. I spent my childhood in a small city, Tarakan, East Borneo, a province of Indonesia. We were a poor family. My parents had nine kids. I’m number eight. My father was a lowly staff worker in a small company. His income was not enough for a big family. My parents taught us to work hard. At age eight I started helping my parents, doing anything we could to earn money. I spent my childhood years supporting the family. For example, I would go to the jungle to find wood. At that time we didn’t have electricity, so we needed wood to cook our rice and meals. My mother was always trying to supplement my father’s income by raising chickens and ducks, and she also did some farming.

November/December 2016

Onggy (left) with siblings

What are some things you learned growing up? My parents taught us to wake up early in the morning and get ready to work. My father was extremely disciplined about this. Working hard has never been a problem for me. Even though we were poor, my father never did anything to cheat someone or take people’s money. He was a man of great integrity and taught us the same. Before he passed away, he called his kids one by one. When we were all sitting by his bedside, he delivered his last messages to us: promise to do everything with integrity. In the Chinese business community where he grew up, trust and integrity were the most important assets. My father was an excellent role model and I learned a lot of wisdom from him, much of which I can apply in my network marketing business. For example, he loved and treated his nine kids


NT 1506 Nov/Dec 2016 Preview  

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