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HEART OF BUSINESS Are You an EntrePrincess? Based in Munich, Germany, Elena Herdieckerhoff is a successful serial entrepreneur with clients all over the world. Elena is also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who has learned to turn her sensitivity into her greatest business asset. Elena’s passion is to show HSP entrepreneurs how to leverage their natural strengths while gently healing their limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Through her coaching and online courses, she helps solopreneurs and top achievers create a lifestyle that supports their personality.


MASTER NETWORKER Believe, Belong, Become Sue Brenchley is a seven-­figure earner in a Utah-based wellness company who leads a network marketing organization of over 200,000 people in 26 countries. Sue got started in the business 25 years ago and became a student of the profession. She recently helped develop a state­-of-­the-art mobile app that will allow her international team to grow even faster. At the 2016 ANMP convention Sue became involved with the Responsibility Foundation where she now applies her passion to always become better and contribute more.​


MASTER NETWORKER Get Over Yourself Originally from Montana, Romi Neustadt was already an accomplished professional and successful business owner when one of her clients introduced her to network marketing. Looking for time freedom, Romi recognized an opportunity of a lifetime and jumped in with both feet. Her training as a lawyer and skills as a PR consultant transferred nicely into her new career. Her team and income grew so quickly she surpassed her previous income within six months and retired her husband John from his clinical practice in less than three years.


RISING STAR Dreams Are Within Reach Based in New York state and Western Colorado, Chris Kinney is a young Baby Boomer and home-based entrepreneur who recently relaunched his network marketing business after taking a break for several years. Unfamiliar with using social media as a business-building strategy, he quickly learned the ropes through “reverse mentoring” with his Millennial upline leaders and made Diamond faster than he ever imagined was possible.

NT 1506 Nov/Dec 2016 Preview  

Our Nov/Dec 2016 issue focuses on Purpose-Driven Business. The story of Onggy Hianata in Indonesia shows how network marketing is a powerful...

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