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ased in San Diego, Romi Neustadt is a top leader and seven-figure earner in an established skincare company that’s expanding internationally. Originally from Montana, Romi Neustadt was already an accomplished professional and successful business owner when one of her clients introduced her to network marketing. Looking for time freedom, Romi recognized an opportunity of a lifetime, and with the support of her husband Dr. John Neustadt, she jumped in with both feet. Romi’s training as a lawyer and skills as a PR consultant transferred nicely into her new career. Her team and income grew so quickly she was able to surpass her previous income within six months and retire John from his clinical practice in less than three years. Today Romi and John enjoy a life of freedom and adventure with their children Nate and Bebe, while pouring into their team and paying their success forward to their favorite charities. Romi is the author of the newly released Amazon bestseller Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a LifeChanging Business.—J.G.

Tell us a little about your background. I was born and raised in Butte, Montana. Both my mom and dad’s parents escaped from Russia around the turn of the century and ended up in Butte. They were entrepreneurs: my maternal grandfather had a general store, and my paternal grandfather had a furniture store, which my father took over and ran until he died. So it’s in my blood. Growing up in Butte made me resilient. The economy was largely dependent upon the price of copper. I saw the town flourish and stumble based on that, and my dad had many years of tough times, because as a brick-and-mortar business, it was entirely reliant on the local economy. But he kept going, and put four kids through college. The big emphasis growing up for all of us kids was to choose a secure profession. I couldn’t stand the sight of blood, so instead of going to med school, I went to law school. I became a business litigator, and I hated it. It turned out—and I didn’t know this in my early 20s—I wasn’t meant

November/December 2016

to fight. It was awful to spend months and months on a case before seeing any tangible results. Turns out, I was meant to build things—build people up and build big businesses.

You’re all about growth, not destruction. Yes! The three years I lasted in law I was miserable. I think I was pretty good at it, but it ate me up. I transitioned to public relations, on the hunch that my skills and journalism degree would transfer well. I talked my way into a PR job in New York City, and that started a successful 12-year career. I did all kinds of PR in New York and then later in Seattle: corporate, international, nonprofit, cause-related, celebrity, litigation support, you name it. Seattle is where I met John and fell in love. We got married and had our son in Bozeman,


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