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ue Brenchley has a passion for offering people solutions and changing lives. A seven­ figure earner in a Utah-based wellness company, she leads a network marketing organization of over 200,000 people in 26 countries. Sue got started in the business 25 years ago and became a student of the profession. In love with the unique products and leveraged income opportunity network marketing offers, she dedicates her life to sharing it with as many people as possible. She recently helped develop a state­-of­-the-­art mobile app that will allow her international team to grow even faster. At the 2016 ANMP convention Sue became involved with the Responsibility Foundation where she now applies her passion to always become better and contribute more.​—J.G.

How did you get started in life? Growing up in a small town in northern Utah, I was the most unlikely person to ever succeed in network marketing. I was shy and socially challenged. My family struggled financially. As a child, I slept on a hide-a-bed in an unfinished basement because there were only two bedrooms in our house. My mother’s mental illness caused me to grown up fast and take on responsibilities that were difficult as a teen. Looking back I recognize it was those challenging circumstances that drove me to ultimately succeed. I excelled in school. I earned several scholarships and focused my life on education. I had that spark that is in each one of us—call it purpose, passion, or that drive to be and have more. I wanted a life that would allow me to do something bigger and make a difference. I fell in love, got married, and had children. I didn’t plan on working, because I wanted to be a hands-on mom. I always wanted to have a homebased business, so we started a carpet cleaning business. I learned the hard way that owning a traditional business is expensive, takes enormous amounts of time, and that cash flow can be slow coming. Even though we needed more income, what brought network marketing to my attention

November/December 2016

was not the money, but a product that changed my life.

You were having health challenges? Yes, my health had been gradually declining, and all the medical intervention I did wasn’t getting me better. I remember thinking one day, “I’m going to die if I don’t find a solution.” Shortly after that, I was having a conversation with a friend who had moved to another city about an hour and a half away. She started talking about a solution she had found to her health challenges. I said, “Why haven’t you told me about this? You know I’m having those same issues?” She said, “There’s a meeting taking place this week if you want to know more.” This was in the middle of the winter. I drove an hour and a half in a snowstorm to attend this meeting, and it changed my life. I was ready for a solution, and the magical thing about that meeting was that in two hours I understood more about health than I’d learned from doctors in 20 years. I walked out with great hope. I told her, “I want to sign up.” She said, “I haven’t even signed up; I’m just a customer.” I said, “You better sign up, so you can sign me up, because I know people who need this product.”


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