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away with how they are working their business on social media. For instance, the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing several distributors posting things like, “Looking for a few good people to join my team” and “50% off Sale” If you’ve found yourself posting this kind of business ads on your timeline, it’s okay—you can still turn it around. The way I go about using social media for my business is just like my dad would work with people back in the 90s. Except, I do it online. Our business is still about people. Unless you connect with people, you don’t have a business. Instead of posting random, directed-at-nobody posts on your timeline, use technology to reach out and get to know some new folks; talk to them, find out what their hobbies are, find out what their needs are… Don’t shove your business in their face. Instead, be a friend. I can assure you, most of the time people will tell you about a challenge they are having. At that time, you can offer a solution to their problem with either your product or opportunity. Instead of posting “Join my team,” share something positive about your life. For example, my biggest recruiting post was a photo of my son at the park with the caption, “I love creating my own work view.” I said nothing about my business, yet got my biggest response. Another common social media mistake I see people make is venting. Many people let off steam on social media, as if it was their personal journal. Please re-

September/October 2016

frain from doing that. Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. (Even if you delete it, it could still be out there… gotta love screenshots!) You must be positive at all times on social media. People are attracted to positive people. Also, you’re now the CEO of your own business. Think before you post. Ask yourself, “Would this be something a CEO of a successful company would share?” Another great technology tool my team and I use is Zoom. You can download the Zoom app on your phone and have a phone live video conference with several people all over the world. It’s been extremely helpful in training out-of-state or even out-of-country team members. My dad recently joined a network marketing company and he is now learning to utilize the technology ways of the Millennials. The other day I was showing him some tips on attraction marketing, and he said, “Amber, if only we had the power of social media back in the 90s, things would have been so much easier!” I told him, “We have it now, and it’s never too late to get onboard. I don’t care about your age, your computer skills, or how long you’ve been in your company, you can build your business using today’s tools and learn to master them. There are countless trainings out there showing you how. Go study them, use them, and most importantly, have fun meeting new friends from all over the world!” n AMBER VOIGHT is a mother of three young boys, a wife, a friend, and a mentor to many. Amber has been a network marketing professional for over 10 years and is a top achiever in her company.


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