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dren grow up, but she also felt a part of her was missing. She called it her “financial and emotional independence.” In 2011 Melissa received a thank-you card in the mail from a local friend, who shortly thereafter invited her to an opportunity meeting. Melissa told her she was too busy with a one-year-old and three-year-old, sleep deprived, and couldn’t imagine adding anything to her plate. She also had been pitched “everything under

Melissa skipped going out after the event, because she could not wait to get home and tell her husband what she had found. To her surprise, he was less than amused and asked, “Is it one of those pyramid things?” He told Melissa she could try it, but that she would never make any money at it. Melissa took this as a challenge to prove him wrong. Having never done anything like this before, she wasn’t sure how to get started. “My sponsor

With her company founder and mentor Kody Bateman

Celebrating an incentive challenge with her friend Jordan Adler

the sun” and was not interested in “one of those things.” Her friend bribed her and promised they would go for a girls’ night out after the event. Forever grateful to her friend for making her go to that meeting Melissa says the presentation blew her away. “I saw how for a minimal investment, I could start a business from home that would allow me to work when and with whom I wanted, in the pockets of my time around my kids’ schedules.”

did not have a clue either,” she says. “I was the only person she’d ever sponsored. I simply followed the system and shared my excitement with my friends, many of whom joined as customers.” Melissa was comfortable showing the product, but had no idea how to share the business opportunity. One day as she was signing up a customer, the lady asked, “What’s this option here?” pointing to the distributor link. “Can I make money with this?”

September/October 2016


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