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With husband Julio Marmolejos and daughters Maria Victoria (5), Isabella (3), and Amelia (2)

million inhabitants, three million of whom live in the metropolitan area of its capital, Santo Domingo. Ana grew up in Santo Domingo in a family of entrepreneurs. Her father owned several businesses, including a franchise that sold games and lottery tickets. Ana always dreamed of being a business owner like her dad, so when it was time to go to college, she majored in Business Administration. By that time, Ana also had her first baby. Going to school, she was also working for a local company in the HR department. She quickly figured out that being an employee was not for her. Looking to create a life of greater freedom, she started a little beauty salon on the side. Working a job and a business, her schedule was so full she had to quit school. Ana found network marketing in 2011 when she was 23 years old. A friend invited her husband Julio to a meeting, and when he heard the term home-based business, he immediately thought, “This is the solution for Ana to spend more time with her daughter!” Julio told her about the opportunity and together they joined. Knowing nothing about the business, Ana went online to look for information. “It was love at first site,” she says. “I felt I had found the vehicle to achieve my dreams—and help others to do the same. Immediately I understood the concept and believed I could do it. I quit my job and closed my business that same month to dedicate myself 100 percent to network marketing.” The friend who had brought Ana and Julio into the business was a total novice and had no idea how to help them get started. Again, Ana went on-

September/October 2016

line to educate herself, watching videos, reading articles, and listening to stories of people who had already achieved the success she was looking for. “Once in a while, I would talk to one of my upline leaders in the U.S.,” she recalls, “but we were pretty much on our own. I made my contact list, invited over 50 people to my first home meeting, and only one showed up—my friend. I think she felt bad for me. She joined my team with the smallest pack, but I was happy because I had made my first commission!” After that day Ana began presenting the business to everyone she knew. She went to their houses, offices, met friends on their lunch breaks, and did meetings every night at her mom’s house. Working nonstop, she quickly started to see results and her team grew rapidly. In less than a


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