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Ashley Aliprandi To attract Millennials into your business, share success stories, show them an easy win, set the right expectation, and offer a platform to make an impact.


LEADERSHIP RECOGNITION Be a Friend We conduct business differently than we did 10 or 15 years ago, says Amber Voight. Leading a global sales organization of over 105,000 (mostly) young entrepreneurs, Amber learned a few lessons about doing things “the Millennial way.” After sharing her best tips, she asked her top leaders for their #1 success secret.

11 OUR TIMES – PART 1 “How do we evolve network marketing for future generations?” • Ali Mehdaoui, The Fearless Generation • Michelle Van Etten, Our with the Old, In with the New • Joshua Peart, Rather Die Than Be Unpopular


September/October 2016

NT INTERVIEW Leading the Next Generation David Anderson and Mark Nathan are Millennial entrepreneurs from very diverse backgrounds. David worked on Wall Street and at the White House and is currently the CEO of Mark was born into a family of Burmese and Filipino immigrants, paid his way through college as an actor, and has been a full-time network marketing entrepreneur for the past seven years. David and Mark are the coauthors of The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success. Their goal was to clear up some of the misunderstandings about their generation while helping Millennials understand themselves and pursue their purpose with passion. 1

NT 1505 Sep/Oct 2016 Preview  

Our “Back to School” issue focuses on Reinventing Network Marketing for the Next Generation. David Anderson & Mark Nathan are Millennial ent...

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