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she would design it. She thought of all the businesses she could get involved in without leaving her son behind. She dreamed of time freedom and financial freedom, and network marketing came to mind, as she had seen several friends and family members succeed in it. “I knew it could be the solution,” says Kemisola. “I gave it some more thought and I began to read about it. I had seen many people making lots of

“As soon as I made up my mind to start a network marketing business, I came across a post on Facebook announcing that my present company was opening Nigeria. I emailed them and they replied with an invitation to attend the founding members training.” During the training, Kemisola got so eager and excited that she began posting on social media and recruiting people even before she was

Arabian themed welcome party at conference in Lagos

With an MBA lecturer (L) and an architect (R) turned network marketing pro’s

With team members at Golden Tulip Hotel in Lagos during Managers seminar

With Magnus Pettersson, Hanna Einarsson, and other leaders from Northern Nigeria

money in the business, and I wondered if I would be able to do this myself. I decided to study it to see if I could wrap my head around it.” Three months later Kemisola felt she had developed a pretty good understanding of the business, so she started searching for a company. It happened to be the perfect time to join her current company, as it had just launched in the Nigerian market.

September/October 2016

able to register herself. She created a Google form for registrations, as well as a Facebook group for her team, so she could hit the ground running as soon as her registration became active. Kemisola quickly discovered that there was a lot more to learn. She first put her focus on acquiring a wide array of social media skills. “I had to be creative,” she says, “because there


NT 1505 Sep/Oct 2016 Preview  

Our “Back to School” issue focuses on Reinventing Network Marketing for the Next Generation. David Anderson & Mark Nathan are Millennial ent...

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