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orn and based in Lagos, Nigeria, Kemisola Ajetunmobi is a highly educated young mother of two who is making a name for herself on social media by empowering other moms in Africa and around the world to build successful businesses. A top earner in her network marketing company, Kemisola wants to help 1,000 moms to become millionaires from home while raising their children.

Before network marketing, Kemisola had a career in the aviation industry for close to 10 years. “I had worked for three different airlines and was proud of my achievements,” she says, “but in 2014 my job became so demanding I sometimes had to travel every week of the month. I often saw my son only two days a week and was missing him so much that I knew I needed a way out. I also had to battle with


unpaid salaries which became another major challenge. If I wanted to take a vacation, I was forced to work around my colleagues’ schedules and had to wait for approval from the HR department.” Eventually Kemisola tried her hand at a couple of businesses, but they took her even further away from her son. One day, on a sunny afternoon, she sat down to think about her ideal life and how

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