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Leisa was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, where she lived with her family until she was 30. “I grew up with low self-esteem, but with a passion for helping others,” she says. “My life took a turn when I got pregnant at 19. I became a target for people’s negativity. Everyone expected me to fail, so I wanted to prove them wrong. After I had my daughter, I wanted to become a nurse. I wanted to show the world I could still get an education with a child—and I did it. It was hard, but I completed nursing school.” Natalie, Charlie, Vallen and Maxwell

In 2008 Leisa met her husband who was on leave and in transition from the Army to the Coast Guard in her hometown. Once they got married, Leisa started the process of immigrating to the U.S. “I was pregnant with my second daughter when we moved to Texas in 2010,” she says. “I stayed home for a year while going through the process of becoming a licensed R.N. in the U.S. and a permanent U.S. resident.”

September/October 2016

In 2011 Leisa went back to work in a Neurosurgical ICU and in 2012 she had her third baby. Five months after he was born, she resumed her job, this time working night shifts so she could be home in the day with her children. In early 2013, the military relocated Leisa’s husband to Alabama. “I looked into some nursing jobs and found out my salary was going to be half of what I was making in Texas,” she says. “We agreed that during our three years in Alabama, I would just stay home with the kids.” With husband Lane enjoying incentive trip to Banff, Canada

Meanwhile, an acquaintance in Texas had introduced Leisa to a skincare company in the spring of 2013. Leisa tried the products for a few days, then jumped on the business opportunity. “I said yes without hesitation,” she says. “It felt like the change I was looking for. I was excited to partner with an established brand that had been selling successfully in retail stores and was now transitioning to a network marketing model.”


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