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Speaking to 22,000 people at company convention in Dallas

When Ricardo arrived in the U.S. at age 23, he had no money and no friends in Texas where he settled down. Thankfully he found a job right away stocking shelves at a big box home improvement retail store. Eager to grow, he worked his way up to manager in just a few years. He became an expert at managing people and applying systems, and subsequently opened eight new stores in the Dallas area. In 2011 Ricardo was introduced to network marketing by a friend he had met through a personal development program they had attended together. “We knew each other’s families,” he says. “His kids are the same age as mine. He knew I had leadership skills, because I ran a store with 150 employees. He was always telling me, ‘You would be great in this business.’ I was not interested, because I’d heard a lot of negativity about the profession. Call it ignorance on my part, but I thought it was a business where people work hard and make very little.” Ricardo wanted nothing to do with the business, but he agreed to try the product, which was coffee, something he was already consuming daily. One day his friend invited him again to a meeting, and Ricardo’s wife said, “Why don’t you go and take a look? You never know.” Ricardo followed her advice, and that’s when his eyes and mind opened to the power of residual income. What interested him the most was the idea of earning 1 percent of one million people’s efforts, versus earning 100 percent of his own efforts. Ricardo joined his friend’s business while continuing his job as store manager—until a few months later, a dramatic turn of events made him say goodbye to the employer he had served for 11 years. “My brother who was 29 went to work in the morning on his motorcycle and around 8 AM a lady

September/October 2016

ran the red light and killed him in an instant. Unable to handle the situation, she fled to Mexico, and our family was devastated. “That day I needed to be in the store at 3 PM. I called in and told my supervisor what happened, and he told me this wasn’t his problem, and that I needed to be there. This was after opening eight stores and taking my store in north Dallas from #27 to #1 in the company in three and a half years, ahead of any stores in California and New York. “I accomplished a lot in that company and made a ton of money for them. When I called them and heard their response, that’s when it hit me: I knew I needed to do something else. I didn’t want to be an employee all my life. I realized employers were not going to treat me differently because of what I had done for them. I knew if I could take


NT 1505 Sep/Oct 2016 Preview  

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