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What gave you the idea to add a network Millennial generation, standing up and telling marketing division in January 2015? her peers, “This business is going to allow you all MICHELE: Our makeup artists, who are our primary customers, were referring their clients to us. We thought, “There has to be some way to reward them with some form of commission.” We wanted to show them that we appreciated the business. We looked at affiliate programs, but eventually figured out we’d all be better served with a direct sales model. Madison and I are from New York, which is probably as unfriendly as you can get towards direct sales. My sister-in-law joined a company about eight years ago, and she has had a phenomenal journey. She’s probably one of the top five sellers worldwide in her company. I watched her work hard to get to a six-figure income, then a multiple-six-figure income over time, all while her kids didn’t feel like they were missing their mom. When we looked at the direct sales model, I’d already had this moment of recognizing the benefits it could bring to women who want to stay home and raise their kids, but also be entrepreneurial and build a substantial income. MADISON: I think tons of people want to be involved in direct sales, but they don’t want to say it, because the idea scares them. We like to say we’re “not your mother’s direct sales line.” To appeal to today’s young people, we evolved it into a strong business model for the future.

to become entrepreneurs and work at your own speed. You’re going to be the CEO of your company. You’re going to be the COO and the director of marketing. You’re going to do your own customer service. This business allows you to be all of that.” A founder of our new company is now a 24-yearold, and we’re a successful parent company with great history and a strong business acumen. MADISON: The people who started direct selling are getting older and they either pass their businesses down to someone else, or they phase out. One of my goals is to bring on a lot more people in their 20s and early 30s, because we know Millennials spend about $600 billion a year on cosmetics, and they’re going to be around for a lot longer. The growth in cosmetic sales just from Millennials alone is staggering. It’s an important age group to get involved with. MICHELE: Last June Madison started a blog, and that’s become one of our strategies. This blog is being shared with our customer base, as well as viewed by thousands of “Beauty Guides” each week.

Tell us more about this new model. MICHELE: Here we have Madison, the At 2015 sales conference with Jacob Hyzer, Director of Field and Business Development

September/October 2016


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