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ased in Draper, Utah, Dr. Terry and Cris Silkman have created a “health, wealth, and luxury lifestyle” they are excited to share with their growing team and clients around the world. Both successful business owners, Terry as a veterinarian and Cris as a real estate agent, they found network marketing in 2013 and recognized it as a perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs to reach their goals and dreams. The Silkmans committed to the profession and learned how to coach, mentor, and partner with their team members. Today they provide state-of-the-art tools, resources, training programs, and networking strategies anyone can learn and duplicate. Terry and Cris believe that with earning big money and living a millionaire lifestyle comes the responsibility of helping others to do the same. Having been married for 38 years, the Silkmans have eight grandchildren they want to help raise and mentor. Cris and Terry also enjoy supporting charitable causes, while continuing to empower as many people as possible to realize their human potential and lifelong dreams.—J.G.

Tell us a little about your background.

CRIS: I was born and grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. I wasn’t the best student, but I was determined and strong willed. I always knew I would make something of myself. For instance, at age 15 I went out looking for a job. I ended up at a high-end clothing boutique that every girl wanted to work at, but due to my age, they were hesitant to hire me. I went in every day for two months browsing through clothes and asking if there was a job opening. The day before my 16th birthday I got hired. My job, at first, wasn’t glamorous by any means. It was stocking and steaming in a dark basement. But I was excited and saw the victory of getting this job as “perseverance that paid off.” I worked at that clothing store for six years. After that I attended college for two years, and that’s where I met Terry. TERRY: Cris and I started in totally different places, but we had some commonalities. Both the eldest, we got mentored by and associated mostly with adults rather than our peers. I grew up on a farm in Eastern Colorado near the Kansas-Colorado border out in the flatlands.

January/February 2017

My family didn’t have any means to speak of. We lived an austere, Spartan-type existence for much of my young life. I was often left alone with my little brother and sister, because mom and dad had to work. Starting school was a traumatic experience. I had to learn to stand up for myself and defend myself. I spent most of grade school and junior high in the back of the classroom, going unnoticed. When it came time to think about college, I felt that was an opportunity to change my life. Since I wasn’t really academic, I decided perhaps I could be an athlete—even though nobody else thought so. I started playing football and wrestling, which ultimately translated into a relatively successful highschool athletic career and a scholarship to Colorado State University. In 1977 I had the good fortune of meeting Cris at CSU. It’s interesting how we got together despite our opposite backgrounds. She was the defiant little racehorse, driven to make things happen; I had more of a draft horse personality, looking to overachieve and please people. You could load whatever you wanted on my back, and I would find a way to carry it.


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