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MASTER NETWORKER Making a Global Impact

Edward Hartley holds the record of being the highest earning network marketer in the history of Trinidad/Tobago. From humble beginnings, he came to the U.S. with his parents, who quickly climbed the social ladder through hard work and entrepreneurial zest. Living in New York City, Edward became a musician and financial analyst, but he didn’t feel fulfilled until he became a successful network marketer. Today he delights in providing people with financial education and a vehicle for economic improvement..


RISING STAR Offering a Gift

Born and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Laurenda Eddy is a budding leader in a U.S.-based cosmetics company that’s expanding internationally. Before network market­ing, Laurenda was a shy and anxiety-ridden young girl. Today she is becoming a confident business wom­an who is passionate about helping others grow their self-esteem, stand in their power, and achieve greater freedom.

PERSPECTIVES 64 OUR TIMES – PART 2 “How do you love what you do—even when facing challenges?” • • • • •


Jeffery Coombs, The Inner Game Jennie Potter, Soak Up the Sun and the Rain Pamela Barnum, Rekindle Your Passion Dr. Doug Firebaugh, Love Is Power Jackie Christiansen, Mindset and Preparation

THE CLOSE Push Through the Pain Eric Worre

You don’t have to love everything about network marketing. You don’t have to love people not understanding what we have to offer, or driving across town to meet someone who may not show up. As long as your purpose is big enough, you’ll work through those things to achieve your goal.

NT 1601 Jan/Feb 2017 Preview  

Our Jan/Feb 2017 issue theme is “To Love Is to Grow.” Dr. John C. Maxwell talks about his love for network marketing and a new class he is l...

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