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Dr. Terry and Cris Silkman have created a “health, wealth, and luxury lifestyle” they are excited to share with their growing team and clients around the world. Both successful business owners, Terry as a veterinarian and Cris as a real estate agent, they found network marketing in 2013 and recognized it as a perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs to reach their goals and dreams. The Silkmans committed to the profession and learned how to coach, mentor, and partner with their team members. Today they provide state-ofthe-art tools, resources, training programs, and networking strategies anyone can learn and duplicate.


MASTER NETWORKER No Opportunity Waits

Nattida and Chad Chong are a dynamic Millennial couple who achieved the top rank in their network marketing company just four months after joining. The Chongs have been building international teams together full time for nine years. Both grew up with network marketing and consider their parents their primary role models. Being able to observe and attend trainings by top earners in the profession as children shaped their character and vision. Nattida and Chad chose network marketing as their vehicle for inspiring others to become their best self. Some lessons they want to impart to their children are to reach beyond what’s comfortable and never give up on their dreams.


MASTER NETWORKER The Gift of Opportunity

Natalia Yosco is a “mompreneur” who leads a mas­sive organization in an established skin­care company. Trained as a figure skater, Natalia developed early on the mental tough­ness and strength that would help her succeed as an entrepreneur. Natalia first discovered direct sell­ing through a friend in 2005. When Natalia’s husband John found their current company in 2008, the couple instantly recognized it as a vehicle that could dramatically change their fam­ ily’s financial future. Seeing the vision and fueled by faith, Natalia immedi­ately took inspired action. Today she has “power partners” all over North America and looks forward to taking her business global.


NT 1601 Jan/Feb 2017 Preview  

Our Jan/Feb 2017 issue theme is “To Love Is to Grow.” Dr. John C. Maxwell talks about his love for network marketing and a new class he is l...

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