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ased in Brentwood, Tennessee, Natalia Yosco is a stay-at-home “mompreneur” who leads a massive organization in an established skincare company. Trained as a figure skater, Natalia developed early on the mental toughness and strength that would help her succeed as an entrepreneur. Natalia first discovered direct selling through a friend in 2005. When Natalia’s husband John found their current company in 2008, the couple instantly recognized it as a vehicle that could dramatically change their family’s financial future. Seeing the vision and fueled by faith, Natalia immediately took inspired action. Today she has “power partners” all over North America and looks forward to taking her business global. Natalia is author of The New BFF—Being Financially Free.“My business partners are my BFFs,” she says. “We don’t just work together; we do life together. I see myself as a team-building specialist who loves to pay it forward. My mission today is to provide support and guidance to women across the globe so they can live the life of their dreams through independent business ownership.”

January/February 2017

How did your childhood prepare you for your life today?

I was raised in Port Washington, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. I am a first-generation American—my mother is from England and my father from Spain. As a young girl, I transitioned from ballet into figure skating. My mom and I went to the ice-skating rink one afternoon after school and I took to the ice immediately. Becoming a figure skater shaped my life and personality. It gave me the mental strength and skillsets for building a network marketing business, which is all about delayed satisfaction. The seeds of discipline and dedication were planted in me early on. While my friends were sleeping, I was at an ice-cold skating rink every day at 6 AM to practice my art. When you’re a figure skater learning new jumps— new double axels or triple toe loops—you know you will be going to that rink every morning for the next five or six months and falling to the ice, until you’ve mastered that new jump. I skated all throughout high school and it taught me tremendous patience. Attending those practice sessions during my formative years was a huge factor leading to my achievements in direct sales. When my parents immigrated to the U.S., they became entrepreneurs. I inherited their entrepreneurial spirit, because that’s what I saw. We lived in an upper middle-class neighborhood of professionals—accountants, doctors, and lawyers. I was one of the few kids whose parents


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