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had and Nattida Chong are a dynamic Millennial couple who achieved the top rank in their network marketing company just four months after joining. The Chongs have been building international teams together full time for nine years. Both grew up with network marketing and consider their parents their primary role models. Being able to observe and attend trainings by top earners in the profession as children shaped their character and vision. Chad and Nattida chose network marketing as their vehicle for inspiring others to become their best self. The lessons they want to impart to their children are to reach beyond what’s comfortable, get up after failure, and never give up on their dreams.—J.G.

What was it like growing up in a network marketing household?

NATTIDA: People always ask, “What’s your story?” and usually we hear network marketers tell their struggle story, or why the business has completely changed their life. My story is different. Since the age of five I watched my parents, Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, excel in the profession. As they were doing huge trainings, I would be in the back of the room cheering, “I want to be like them one day!” Because of how I grew up, I knew no other way. For the longest time I felt my story wouldn’t inspire or transform people. Until it recently hit me: my story is a living testimony. It shows people why they need to do this business. Because my parents made a decision over 25 years ago to do network marketing, the term “job” was never in my vocabulary. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I graduated with a degree in business administration and marketing, and right out of college network marketing became my vehicle, because my parents have always instilled in me that the possibilities here are endless. Now Chad and I have the

With their parents Nat & Chanida Puranaputra and Susan & Allan Chong

January/February 2017


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