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ecil, Hino, and Nani Razon are a mother-and-sons team that started building a network marketing business ten years ago from their home in the Philippines. Living without electricity, without transportation, and with only one phone for the entire family, they climbed their way out of debt and poverty, building one of their company’s largest organizations, called Eagles Alliance. Whenever the company opened a new market, the Razons would be first to travel there and create a strong foothold working with referrals and cold market prospects. Today the Razons are spearheading their company’s largest team in Africa, adding about 500 new members a day. On May 29, 2016, the Razons’ company celebrated its tenth anniversary in the largest indoor dome in the world (according to Guinness Book of World Records) which can accommodate 55,000 people. Last year the Razons’ team made up a quarter of the attendees. Having secured their family’s future, the Razons have their hearts set on educating people around the world in personal development, financial freedom, and self-actualization. They are most passionate about sharing their opportunity with Overseas Filipino Workers, offering them a vehicle to come home to their loved ones and enjoy a life of freedom and prosperity.—J.G.

July/August July/August 2016 2016

Who introduced you to the business? HINO: The scenario was quite funny, because I had a closed mind towards network marketing. My mom had invited me numerous times, but I always said no. She had been involved in a lot of direct sales and network marketing companies in the Philippines. I knew what my mom was earning, and I doubted this business could change our lives for the better. We were barely surviving at that time. I was forced to work at a young age to help my parents, because our family was going through “a dark age.” My mom will explain why we call it that. Even though I was a working student, this time she convinced me to attend, with my brother. She told us we were going to a birthday party. We were surprised when we saw this party had almost 300 people. She told us we would sit in front, which got us excited because it meant we would be near the food. We looked around, but there was no food. Our greatest fears came true: we had been kidnapped into a network marketing seminar. We attended the meeting by force. For two hours, it was grueling. Thankfully the speakers were good, because they were top network marketers and owners of the company. But nothing they said registered in my mind, because I was thinking about food. What opened my mind was when the last speaker pointed out that in network marketing, no one asks you about your background. It doesn’t matter if you are a high school graduate, college graduate, what race you are, how much money you have, or how old you are. They don’t discriminate. They only ask, “Who has dreams? Who wants to build a better future? Who wants to be financially free?” That struck me. It touched my heart. It made me respect the speaker, and I fell in love with network marketing, at 18 years old.


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