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Fabio, tell us a little about your background and how you got started.


n this story, we explore why a hightech telecommunication company based in Miami, Florida chose network marketing to sell its cutting-edge information products; why it is rewarding people for doing word-of-mouth marketing and building relationships, instead of using old advertising models and distribution systems. “When you have the most advanced technologies,” says company founder and CEO Fabio Galdi, “you need people to spread the news and share their passion for innovation, so you can touch as many lives as possible.” Fabio’s approach may herald a paradigm shift for business at large—the recognition that the network marketing business model delivers a better return on investment to bring innovative technologies to market. Fabio’s company is a category-creator that is disrupting “business as usual” by providing its network of distributors with a unique selling proposition, inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to join a pioneer in the network marketing space, as well as in the tech sector.—J.G.

July/August 2016

I’m from Cava dè Tirreni, a small town close to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, famous for tourism as it is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. As a child, I was passionate about technology and brimming with creative ideas. At age 11, I was already building electronic devices, including an FM radio transmitter to conduct my own shows. I made lots of new friends, as I was able to transmit my voice to their traditional radio. At age 12, I created my first video game. This was in the mid-eighties before LCD screens and DVD players, when video games were not much more than lights in a box. When I was almost 14, I wanted to get a motorbike, but my father was strongly against it because of safety concerns. I got a traditional bicycle, found some engine parts, and built my own motorbike. Following my passion for electronic communication, I studied computer science in high school. When I was 19, I opened a small computer shop in my hometown. My father invested all his money to help me realize this dream. Since it was the only computer shop in town, I became famous and sold my computers to almost every lawyer, accountant, and other professional. Even now when I go back home, I meet people who remember buying their first computers from me. In the early nineties I recognized the new opportunities and unlimited potential offered by the emerging Internet. I was fascinated with the idea that people were connecting their computers and surfing the web for information that was now available from anywhere in the world. Now, we are so used to this, but back then it was quite revolutionary to be able to search and instantly connect with sites in Russia, China, or the US. I created my own marketing campaign, showing that the Internet was the future and convincing people to subscribe—which meant getting a


Networking Times July/August 2016 Issue Preview  

Our Jul/Aug 2016 theme is “People and Technology.” Fabio Galdi is a technology innovator and network marketing company owner with a passion...

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