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FEATURES Inspired by Dr. Frankl’s vision, sculptor Gary Lee Price and the Responsibility Foundation are creating a statue the size of the Statue of Liberty to remind people that rights come with responsibilities. Entrepreneurs of all ages are getting involved to build the Statue of Responsibility on the Pacific coast to bookend the Statue of Liberty on the Atlantic coast. 64

RISING STAR Learn as You Go Tanya O’Matta was born in a small town in Texas as the only child of ambitious, hardworking Hispanic parents. They always encouraged her to work hard and dream big, but she was too shy to act on her dreams and goals. Finding network marketing helped her connect with her inner power. Once she found her company, she reached its top rank in less than a year. Today Tanya leads a thriving international organization spanning four continents.

PERSPECTIVE 68 OUR TIMES – PART 2 “How has technology changed your business?” (continued) • Alex Morton, Some Things Never Change • Cindra Caverley, Find Your Tribe • Debi Granite, Stay Conscious and Focused • Nattida & Chad Chong, Grow and Embrace Change


July/August 2016

THE CLOSE Let Technology Fuel Your Success Joseph T. Bismark Gadgets were made to help us be more efficient, not enslave us. Be watchful and don’t let your technology habits put a strain on your family or business.


Networking Times July/August 2016 Issue Preview  

Our Jul/Aug 2016 theme is “People and Technology.” Fabio Galdi is a technology innovator and network marketing company owner with a passion...

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