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5 LEADOFF Focus on Responsibility Dr. Josephine Gross Technology gives us incredible tools—and unprecedented power to influence the world. How are we using this power and these tools?


WORDS OF WISDOM People and Technology Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Ellen DeGeneres, and others.


OUR TIMES – PART 1 “How has technology changed your business?” • Tom “Big All” Schreiter, A Better Way • Carrie Dickie, Intention and Discipline • Kathleen Deggelman, A Wealth of Tools • Jackie Ulmer, Effective Social Networking


July/August 2016

COVER STORY Imagine the Future Why would a high-tech telecommunication company choose network marketing to sell its cutting-edge information products? Why is it rewarding people for doing word-of-mouth marketing instead of using old advertising models and distribution systems? “When you have the most advanced technologies,” says company CEO Fabio Galdi, “you need people to spread the news and share their passion, so you can touch as many lives as possible.” Fabio’s approach heralds a paradigm shift for business at large—the recognition that the network marketing model delivers the best return on investment to bring innovative technologies to market.


Networking Times July/August 2016 Issue Preview  

Our Jul/Aug 2016 theme is “People and Technology.” Fabio Galdi is a technology innovator and network marketing company owner with a passion...

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