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Tanya O’Matta

Cultivate Friendships & Trust


anya O’Matta was born in McAllen, a small border town in Texas, as the only child of ambitious, hardworking Hispanic parents. They always encouraged her to work hard and dream big, but she was too shy to act on her dreams and goals. Finding network marketing helped her connect with her inner power and overcome her limiting beliefs. Once she found the right company, she reached its top rank in less than a year. Today she leads a thriving international organization spanning four continents.

Tanya got married at a young age to her husband Gabe, then a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force. “Military life took a toll on us as newlyweds,” she says. “Not only did we struggle to make ends meet, we were often separated for long periods of wartime deployments.” Finishing college became a challenge for Tanya due to the ever-changing military assignments. When Gabe was transferred to Germany, Tanya chose to make the most of their assignment there by traveling around Europe, putting off her education for when she would be back in the US.


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