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amia Bettaieb is a Gen Y leader who discovered network marketing just five years ago. Born and raised in Tunisia, she always knew she wanted to be a millionaire, even though she had no idea how it would happen. She reached her goal in 2014 when she became a top earner in her company, an Italian-based innovator in information technology. Achieving her dream taught Lamia an important lesson: money is not what brings happiness. “What does,” she says, “is being a catalyst for change in people’s lives.” Today Lamia is obsessed with helping prospects and business partners see what she sees: that we can create any dream we set our mind on with focus, faith, conviction, and determination. For Lamia, this meant first building a large network of Facebook friends, then moving to another country, and now flying around to world to visit with her teams on five continents. There is nothing she would rather do, she says, “until my God shows me my next assignment.” Not sure what that may entail, she has a feeling it will be fueled by her passion for empowering women and teaching others about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive energy.—J.G. “I’m Going to Be Rich and Famous” Lamia grew up in South Tunisia with three brothers and one sister in a modest and conservative family. Her parents instilled in her a love for art and education through the acquisition of knowledge and culture. Whenever Lamia and her brothers would talk about the future, she told them how one day she would be rich and famous; how a great opportunity awaited her that would completely change her life, even though she had no idea how to picture it. When Lamia’s teacher would ask her what she dreamed of doing as a grown-up, all she would say is, “I’m going to be rich and famous!” Other children made fun of her, as they had ordinary dreams and realistic ambitions, but little Lamia kept repeating her mantra with a confident smile and resolute spirit. Teachers and other grownups dismissed her answer as a typical fantasy that occurs during childhood. Growing up, Lamia stuck to her dream of wealth and fame. Her belief increased with the years, to the point of making her family think that Lamia suffered from some mental illness, especially when she refused to go to work for

July/August 2016

someone else. For her, taking a job meant oppression and limits, having to content herself with low wages, and accepting directives from others. Lamia loved school, so after receiving her baccalaureate she moved to the capital Tunis and attended art school. Upon graduating, she continued and earned another degree in international commerce. In the meantime, she was always on the lookout for opportunities to make money, for instance by buying and selling clothes. She never took a job and much preferred to gain experience for when her real opportunity would find her and put her on the path to become a millionaire.

A Moment of Radical Change When Lamia was 24 years old, her life was shaken up by a tragic event: she suddenly lost her parents. She now was left to care for her younger brothers and sister by herself. Challenged by her circumstances, she was able to overcome those moments of suffering and solitude with an immense faith in herself and in life. Despite everything, she was more than ever determined to achieve what others considered pure madness: fame and wealth. But how and when?

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