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Tell us about your life before network marketing.


om and Denice Chenault are one of the most well-known, cherished, dedicated, and respected couples in the network marketing space. Top earners in an internationally established wellness company, they spend their days developing friendships and leadership. Tom is a recovering alcoholic who has been attending a daily Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for 27 years. He also has been hosting the Tom Chenault Radio Show for the past 15 years. Denice is a personal development trainer who is passionate about coaching women to step into their greatness. Together Tom and Denice live their lives 100 percent in contribution. They love people, and they love the underdog. They believe that “once you make more money than you have month, you have a huge responsibility to go out there and affect change for others.” While they can be extremely funny, they take this calling quite seriously.—J.G.

May/June 2016

TOM: I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, where I lived most of my life. I was not an extraordinary student, but I always knew I was going to do something really successful in my life. I don’t know how I knew that. My family was fairly ordinary although my older brother was extremely sick and ended up passing away at age 35. My other brother and sister are both wonderful and successful in their own way. But being the quintessential middle child I realized that I had to make my mark on the world completely independently. I got started in the restaurant business and learned to work hard there, like 24/7 hard. I was the boss of 103 people under the age of 18 whom you could not motivate with money, because they didn’t make a lot of money. So it all had to be positive energy. You learned how to smile while you were dying, and work when everybody else wasn’t. That really shaped my life for what I’m doing now. From there I became an airplane salesman, which exposed me to wealthy people and what their lives looked like. I was a successful salesman, but always felt I was sitting on the wrong side of the desk. I just had to figure out what the people on the other side of the desk did to accumulate enough money to buy an airplane, and then I was going to be set. That put me on the path to be a stockbroker. I became highly successful as that as well, but through all the careers I had, from the restaurant business to the airplane business to the stock brokering business, there was one common denominator: I was an extremely heavy drinker. Everybody else probably knew I was an alcoholic, but I didn’t. In 1988 I got two DUIs and two other citations for disturbing the peace in


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