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rmand Puyolt is a legendary network marketing leader, expert, and consultant whose goal is to help as many people as possible raise their quality of life and create a better future. Having experienced severe lack in his childhood, Armand committed himself from an early age to building up his outer resources and inner resourcefulness as an entrepreneur. Thanks to the vehicle of network marketing, he was able to buy his first home at age 18, became a milliondollar earner at age 20, and a five-million-dollar earner at age 25. Armand has made it to the top of a dozen companies. At age 40, he earned an eight-figure income (in 2015) and has been the top income earner in his company for several years. Armand had to overcome many obstacles, including two serious car accidents, two major health crises, and even terminal illness. His tireless dedication to his family and team helped him beat the odds and fueled his passion to help those in need. Armand and his wife Esther live in Southern California with their six children between the ages of 12 and 24. Their business and family motto is #LeadWithLove.—J.G.

Humble Beginnings I was born in California to Mexican immigrants. My mom is from Tijuana, my dad from Mexico City. They got divorced when I was very young. My dad was doing well as a business owner. That’s where I got my business acumen. I chose to live with my mom—I couldn’t leave her alone—but I loved to visit my dad as often as I could to see how he grew his business. My mom worked hard to pay the rent and put food on the table, but finances were always tight. As a single mom she was my hero. She did what she could, but I knew there had to be a better way. These experiences drove me to learn about business. Whenever I had a chance, I would accompany my dad in his lunch truck, the kind you see on TV now. It would be my perfect day. My dad also had a videography business I used to assist him in on

May/June 2016

the weekends. We did weddings and other events, and I loved to learn from him. Network marketing came to me out of a wham. At age 16, I already had a business, selling chocolate and candy out of my backpack in school. One day I took my mother to a home party she was invited to. It was a company that sold little knickknacks and crystals. Not fond of the product myself, I could see how the people in the room loved it. They picked up the pieces and saw them as collectors’ items, saying things like, “I don’t have this one,” “This is a rare one,” and “This one is a classic!” I immediately recognized a business opportunity that came with a built-in audience, since all these people were my mom’s friends and family. I thought, “If I can find out where to buy this product, I can get it at wholesale and sell it to them.”


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