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RISING STAR Sister Power Adrianna and Jennipher are each building an international network marketing business from their homes in Pennsylvania. Both stay-at-home moms wanted to find a way to contribute financially so their husbands wouldn’t need to work as much. Adrianna got started first, then enticed her sister Jennipher to join. A year later, both reached the top level in their company. Today they are committed to helping other women, especially young moms, to succeed in an opportunity that completely changed their lives.


OUR TIMES – PART 2 “How do we harness the power of emotion?” (cont.) • Walter Nusbaum, Make Your Offer Emotionally Compelling • Pamela Barnum, Help Others Find Their Purpose


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT The Benefits of Mindfulness Dr. Steve Taubman Eye contact, listening skills, and how you sit and show your interest all determine your presence and subsequently your success. Being present is pure positive energy, passion, and enthusiasm. Is that you? Let yourself move slowly and lovingly towards your highest level of consciousness, of soulfulness, and watch all the other benefits of success flow your way, effortlessly!


May/June 2016

THE CLOSE Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Business Joseph T. Bismark Harness people’s emotions by constantly reminding them of their anchors–their wants, goals, and dreams. Always redirect their emotions back to their why. 3

Networking Times May/June 2016 Preview  

The May/Jun 2016 issue is on the Power of Emotion. Woody Woodward teaches how to read your Emotional Fingerprint in increase your emotional...

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