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MASTER NETWORKER Fueled by ComPassion Top earners in an established international wellness company, Tom and Denice Chenault spend their days developing friendships and leadership. Tom has been hosting the Tom Chenault Radio Show for the past 15 years. Denice is a personal development trainer who helps women step into their greatness. The Chenaults love the underdog and believe that “when you make more money than you have month, you have a huge responsibility to go out there and affect change for others.”


MASTER NETWORKER Rise and Shine Carrie Dickie is a top earner in a thriving network marketing company, leading a team of mostly women in 11 countries. Once a shy little girl who never felt good enough, she made a long journey to reclaim her innocence and power to light up the world. In 2008, even earning a million dollars with a previous company was not enough to fill the void Carrie felt inside. When her company and team fell apart, she finally hired a coach to help her find “her inner woohoo.”


HEART OF BUSINESS Raise Your Emotional Currency Woody Woodward is a bestselling author and success strategist who works with top business professionals and organizations on achieving peak performance. He is the pioneer and founder of “Your Emotional Fingerprint™,” a cutting-edge human technology that allows one to strip back the layers of excuses and build a proper foundation for personal responsibility and top achievement. In this article, Woody walks us through the Emotional Fingerprint process and show us how to use it in business.


RISING STAR Don’t Ever Give Up! Angela Maresca is a top earner in a billion-dollar network marketing company she joined in 2013. Initially looking to lose weight, she shared her product story with others and quickly built a six-figure income. A year into the business, Angela achieved a top leadership rank in her company and spoke in front of 4,000 people. Angela attributes her meteoric rise to success to her immigrant work ethic, her love of helping people, and the “golden opportunity” her company offers.

Networking Times May/June 2016 Preview  

The May/Jun 2016 issue is on the Power of Emotion. Woody Woodward teaches how to read your Emotional Fingerprint in increase your emotional...

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