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5 LEADOFF Words and Music John Milton Fogg Feeling awareness is where the power is—over mood, meaning, motivation, and all else.


WORDS OF WISDOM On Diversity and Inclusion Memorable quotes by Jim Rohn, Plato, Tony Robbins, James Joyce, and others.


OUR TIMES – PART 1 “How do we harness the power of emotion?” • Doug Firebaugh, The Magnetism of Recruiting • Julie Miller-Hansberry, Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Business? • Ferdinand Tolentino, The Power of Positivity


May/June 2016


COVER STORY Lead with Love Armand Puyolt is a legendary network marketing leader, expert, and consultant whose goal is to help as many people as possible raise their quality of life. Having experienced severe lack in his childhood, Armand committed himself from an early age to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He had to overcome many obstacles, including two serious car accidents, two major health crises, and even terminal illness. His tireless dedication to his family and team helped him beat the odds and fueled his passion to help those in need.


Networking Times May/June 2016 Preview  

The May/Jun 2016 issue is on the Power of Emotion. Woody Woodward teaches how to read your Emotional Fingerprint in increase your emotional...

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