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oody Woodward is a bestselling author and success strategist who works with top business professionals and organizations on achieving peak performance. Having interviewed over 2,500 people around the world for his research, he is the pioneer and founder of “Your Emotional Fingerprint™.” This cutting-edge human technology allows one to strip back the layers of excuses and build a proper foundation for personal responsibility and top achievement in one’s personal life, relationships, and career. Woody’s Emotional Fingerprint techniques have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX News. Woody’s business clients have used the Emotional Fingerprint principles to increase their profits, build stronger teams, and boost customer acquisition and retention. For this issue on the Power of Emotion, we invited Woody to walk us through the Emotional Fingerprint process and show us how to use it in our business.—Ed.

Does It Take Money to Make Money? No, All You Need Are Your Five Currencies To build your business, it does not take money to make money. Instead, it takes an exchange in currency. After studying the lives of over 1,000 prominent entrepreneurs, I created Relationships to Riches™ which identifies the five currencies every entrepreneur can use to build his or her business. They are Mental Currency™, Emotional Currency™, Spiritual Currency™, Physical Currency™, and Financial Currency™. Society rewards you based on the currencies you exchange and the value you create. Top athletes, CEOs, inventors, actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs make millions a year when they exchange their currencies by creating value in the marketplace.

May/June 2016

Money follows Value. How do you create value in the marketplace to make money? You use your five currencies to solve other people’s problems. Oprah Winfrey exchanged her Emotional Currency with her audience to create billions. Warren Buffet exchanges Financial Currency through buying and selling companies. Jillian Michaels exchanges her Physical Currency through her DVDs and workouts. Deepak Chopra exchanges his Spiritual Currency through his radio show and books. Billionaire Elon Musk exchanges his Mental Currency through the development of his companies, from PayPal to Tesla Motors.

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Networking Times May/June 2016 Preview  

The May/Jun 2016 issue is on the Power of Emotion. Woody Woodward teaches how to read your Emotional Fingerprint in increase your emotional...

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