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LEAD INTERVIEW Creating Inner and Outer Wealth Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher, Zen Buddhist scholar, and a consultant to international business leaders and organiza-tions. He is founder of Vision-In-Action, a leadership institute with the mission to develop spiritually awake, intellectually sovereign, and emotionally mature business leaders. Yasuhiko believes that networks will be central to the future of business because of their de-sign for creating synergy.


HEART OF BUSINESS Follow Your Joy Last October Eric Worre’s Recruiting Mastery gathered 8,000 entrepreneurs from 85 countries and 173 companies. Shortly after Jordan Adler took the stage, he proceeded to auction off a signed $100 bill to the highest bidder. The winner turned out to be a serial entrepreneur and student of personal development, David C. Martin. His outrageous act of bravery and unbridled generosity transformed the crowd.


MASTER NETWORKER Every Day Is Sunday JJuan Carlos and Hortensia Barrios are top leaders in an international network marketing company. Based in Mexico, they are their company’s #1 earners for Latin America, leading a growing organization of over 100,000 customers and distributors in 42 coun-tries. Juan Carlos was introduced to network marketing at age 22 when he had just started his career as a concert pianist and violinist. Becoming an entrepreneur or business owner had never been on his radar…


MASTER NETWORKER Undercover Networking Based near Berlin, Germany, Erik Muenchmeyer is an international network marketing leader with teams on 5 continents. Erik got started in the mid-90s, but his first company went out of business after a couple of months. This and numerous other challenges caused him to almost give up on the profession, but he kept his eye on his vision of creating solid residual income and financial freedom.


Networking Times

Networking Times Mar/Apr 2016 Preview  

In our Mar/Apr 2016 issue, top leaders reveal how to create an inclusive culture that alienates no one and supports everyone. Juan Carlos &...

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