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orn and based near Berlin, Germany, Erik Muenchmeyer is an international network marketing leader with teams on all five continents. Erik got started in the mid-90s, but his first company went out of business after a couple of months. This and numerous other challenges caused him to almost give up on the profession, but he kept his eye on the vision that was born the first time he heard about passive income and financial freedom. His search for a better way led him to an established health and wellness company in the early 2000s. After many defeats and several years of learning, the success he had envisioned finally came. Over the next 14 years, he built organizations with more than 100.000 consultants moving huge volumes of sales. More learning experiences ensued, and he went back to searching the market for an opportunity he could call “home.” In 2013 Erik founded United Global Team, which quickly became the fastest growing organization in his company. Erik’s goal is to have over 1 million customers within the next five years. Erik and his leaders are dedicated to helping others succeed by providing them with online recruiting systems, multilingual training tools and support, and live events around the world.—J.G.

Who introduced you to the business 20 For me, it was just a bad experience. I saw the years ago? potential. My intent going forward was to look for Being an athlete, I was spending a lot of time at the Wakeboard Cable Park near Berlin, a popular hangout for young people in the summertime. My best friend there told me he had been invited to a meeting by a professional networker. Since my friend was totally new to the business, he asked me to come along. A few days later I found myself in a hotel lobby listening to a guy who was drawing pictures of a business structure on a piece of paper. He was representing an American telecom company. I was a student working full time and pretty broke at the time. I left for work in the morning before dawn and came home after dark. I had no time for hobbies or fun. I hated it, so someone telling me, “You can earn a lot of money part-time and be free,” was like a dream. I saw immediately how this was completely different from a normal job. Young and inexperienced, I got excited and jumped in. Sadly, two months later the company collapsed. I didn’t earn much money, but I had signed up a significant number of people, which got me really motivated. After our company folded, my best friend decided, “I’m never doing network marketing again.”

March/April 2016

a company that was more stable. While looking around I continued working regular jobs. In 2000 I joined a company that sold financial products and services. It was an extended network from the biggest German bank. This was where I had my first big success. I recruited some of my friends and we built a big business without any experience. I made a lot of money really fast, which made me feel like a king, but one year later I was broke. The banking sector went into a worldwide crisis, and selling financial products was no longer lucrative. When people stopped paying for the products, we had to pay some of the money back to the company, so I lost most of the income I had made.

How did you transition into health and nutrition? While I was building the financial business, some networkers invited us to check out their nutritional products, so we started consuming them. We joined the company and built it a little on the side, making an extra 200 or 300 Euros a month. The income was insignificant compared to what we were making in the financial business, where we were used


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