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uan Carlos Barrios and his beautiful wife Hortensia are Diamond Directors in one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world today. Living in Mexico with their two young children, they are their company’s #1 income earners for Latin America, leading a growing organization of over 100,000 customers and distributors in 42 countries, most of which they have visited in the past year. Juan Carlos was introduced to network marketing at age 22 when he had just started his career as a concert pianist and violinist. Becoming an entrepreneur or business owner had never been on his radar, but when his brother introduced him to a network marketing opportunity, Juan Carlos was moved by the same feeling that had made him decide to become a musician at the age of eight. His passion to bring joy and freedom to the lives of others drew him in and kept him going through the many challenges he faced on his journey. Thanks to their hard work and focus, Juan Carlos and Hortensia have created a lifestyle that allows them to travel as a family and share with others the joys of time and financial freedom. They love showing and teaching people that when you take full responsibility for your life, no dream is impossible.—J.G.

When and how did you get started in the It was mostly an emotional decision. It business? touched your heart. JUAN CARLOS: My younger brother attended a meeting and joined our first company in 1990. He came home very excited and right away planned his “business launch” in our parental home. Nobody showed up for his presentation, so he asked me if I could be his guest. When I saw the opportunity I had zero interest, as I couldn’t connect it to anything I was doing at the time. Music is a completely different world from speaking or selling products or inviting people. I could not see myself doing this at all. My brother who was smart—or naïve—took me to the next event, which was a seminar. This was a real eye-opener for me: I was blown away by the trainers’ ability to inspire people, give them hope, and help them see and fight for creating a better life. I saw how network marketing is an environment where people can grow personally, and a vehicle that can bring them financial freedom. During that seminar I made the decision to join. It was 25 years ago.

March/April 2016

JUAN CARLOS: Exactly. Mentally this didn’t fit into my life at all: I didn’t have the time, I didn’t have the talents, I didn’t have a network of people. I didn’t know the products, I was not a salesperson, I’d never spoken in front of people. I was very shy. But what I saw was a platform that could help me develop myself and learn about success principles, and especially the possibility to offer this one day to other people. There is a parallel here with how I fell in love with music. When I was a young boy, I heard a girl play the piano, and I observed myself getting so excited just by listening to one person moving her fingers and putting out into the environment a combination of notes that creates this beautiful thing called music. That day I told my mom I wanted to be a musician, because I wanted to create that feeling for myself and others. At that seminar, when I saw those speakers bringing hope to the audience, a desire sprung up in my heart, “What if one day I could be on


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