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RISING STAR Pursue Your Purpose Hayley Hobson was an entertainment lawyer who made the bold move to pursue her passion—health and wellness. She managed several fitness studios in Boulder, Colorado, and built a thriving Pilates and yoga business. In 2011 Hayley added essential oils to her offerings and broke company records by achieving Double Blue Diamond status in a little over two years.


OUR TIMES – PART 2 “How do we step up our game as coaches?”(continued) • Andrea Boulder, Athlete to Entrepreneur • Leslie Hocker, Empower Your Team • Joseph Bismark, Custom Coaching • Lisa Jimenez, Total Immersion Coaching • Pasha Carter, From “Me” to “We” • Kimmy & Richard Brooke, A Quantum Leap Approach


THE CLOSE Be Coachable Garrett McGrath When you stop fighting for your limitations, you become open to the possibility for improvement and the next level of leadership.

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Our Jan/Feb 2016 issue is on Coaching. Top Earners agree, to become an effective coach, be highly coachable yourself. Ali Brown gives her be...

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