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HEART OF BUSINESS Sharing the Bounty of Residual Income Dr. Steven Hryszczuk is an American anesthesiologist who is currently living in rural Honduras where he volunteers his services at a Christian mission hospital. Responding to a need, Steve moved there in January 2015 with his wife and four young children. How was he able to pull this off financially? It all started in 2007, when a friend introduced him to network marketing.


MASTER NETWORKER Serve to Succeed Rob Sperry and Lance Conrad are passionate, purposedriven entrepreneurs who have been business partners ever since they joined network marketing in 2008. Based in Utah, they are both happily married, raising a family, and heading up a dynamic organization in 40 countries. The glue that holds their team together is a unique culture based on humanitarian service and self-development.


MASTER NETWORKER The Best of All Worlds Sandi Watkins is an experienced network marketing leader in a nutritional company based in Utah. From her home in Washington, she leads a growing team of customers and distributors by providing effective systems, no-nonsense coaching, loving support, and visionary leadership. Sandi got started in direct sales over 27 years ago and has been a thriving home-based entrepreneur ever since.


MASTER NETWORKER Always Be Growing Chris D. Estes is a dynamic Gen Y leader who heads up an international network marketing organization from his home in Florida. A high school teacher and sports coach, Chris didn’t want to spend his life raising other people’s children. Looking for a better way, Chris was introduced to network marketing in 2008 by a trusted friend who knew he was open to other streams of income.

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Networking Times Jan/Feb 2016 preview  

Our Jan/Feb 2016 issue is on Coaching. Top Earners agree, to become an effective coach, be highly coachable yourself. Ali Brown gives her be...

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