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Hayley built up her reputation as a yoga and Pilates instructor and found herself in Boulder, Colorado, a few years later with a full roster of private clients and managing a health club. This time, she was helping people transform their health and that felt good, but she was still working 12-hour days. “I felt as though my life was controlled by my clients,” she says. “If I took a day off, I didn’t make money. If someone canceled an appointment, I had to rebook them immediately or lose that income. While I felt more satisfied on one level, I was locked into this dollars-for-hours model that was no better than the weekly paycheck from the law firm.” Then, two years after the birth of her daughter, on Christmas Day, Hayley got sick. “I was working harder and harder, trying to divide my time between my family and my business, and my body just stopped working.” Her doctor ran tests and found nothing. In desperation, she went to see a naturopath she’d heard a lot about over the years. He took her pulse and said her body was in a permanent state of fight or flight, and that all her organs were shutting down. He told her she needed to change her life if she wanted to see her daughter grow up.

Hayley realized everything she knew about herself and what she wanted was wrong. Everything she knew about making money was wrong. To save her life, she had to find a way to be in control of her health, her time, and her finances. Hayley first focused on rebuilding her health. She started reducing stress and inflammation by exercising daily without pushing herself. She began getting quality sleep and eating a plant-based diet, including juicing. She looked at toxins in her home and in the products she was using and looked for natural alternatives. She also started using essential oils to support her immune system and prevent inflammation, to encourage herself to relax, and to replace any chemical-laden cleaning and personal care products she had been using. “The impact on my body was immediate and profound,” she says. “But I also knew I had to find a way to change the way I worked, or I’d find myself right back on the doctor’s table. Stress was rampant in my life.”

To lower her stress levels, Hayley took a leave of absence from work. It was the first time in her life that she was 100 percent in charge of how she spent her Instead of being devastated by the news, days. That break Hayley burst into tears of relief. “I finally knew showed her she had what was wrong, so now I could fix it! What was to find a way to make wrong was my whole life…” money completely on

Hayley’s 5 Factors for Success • I took control of my whole life—my health, my time, and my income. • I shifted my mindset about money and how to generate income. • I focused on my online presence and being known as a trusted expert. • I invested in the success of my team. • I got rid of all the excuses that had me settle for what was possible.

January/February 2016


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