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Keynoting at company event in Utah, 2015


hris D. Estes is a dynamic Gen Y leader who heads up an international network marketing organization which he started from his small home town in central Kentucky. His calling to help others develop their talents and reach their potential led him to a successful career in education, teaching, and coaching sports. When Chris’s first child was on the way, he realized he didn’t want to spend his life raising other people’s children and opened his mind to other streams of income. In 2008 a trusted friend shared an opportunity with him to build a business on a part-time basis that would allow him in a short amount of time to have the choices and options he never would have with traditional employment. His third year in the business, Chris was able to quit his job and earned one million dollars doing network marketing full time. Chris currently travels the world speaking, training, mentoring, and living out his motto, “Service to many leads to greatness.”

Who introduced you to network marketing? I grew up in a rural area in central Kentucky. I bought my first car with money I earned from raising a tobacco crop. Working hard was a value my parents always instilled in me and my brother, and I believe it is at the root of all my success. I’m a sports guy by trade. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I played college baseball. I’m competitive and like to win. I always tell people, “It’s never too late to start, it’s always too late to wait.” Once I graduated from college with a degree in education, I picked up tennis for the first time, as well as cycling and swimming, and I began to compete in these sports. I was a teacher and coach for eight years be-

January/February 2016

fore I got involved in network marketing. I had been introduced when I was in college, but the timing wasn’t right. I was focused on baseball and majoring in “girls.” I wasn’t open to what network marketing had to offer, or the options and choices it provided. In 2000 I began teaching and coaching in the public school system. In 2008 a colleague and friend of mine introduced me to a network marketing company that sold a health product. He wasn’t involved in the company himself, but he knew I was into health and fitness, and that I was open to creating other streams of income. Because I trusted and respected him, I took a look at the product and the company. Right away I began thinking of all the people this could benefit—family, friends, and colleagues. The more I learned about network marketing, the more impressed I was. I saw it as an opportunity that could take people like me, a schoolteacher and coach, and give them a real chance, a real vehicle to have time and financial freedom.


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