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andi Watkins is an experienced network marketing professional and leader in a young nutritional company based in Lehi, Utah. From her home in Spokane, Washington, Sandi leads a growing team of customers and distributors by providing effective systems, no-nonsense coaching, loving support, and visionary leadership. Sandi got started in direct sales over 27 years ago and has been a thriving business owner and home-based entrepreneur ever since. Her focus has always been on opportunities that would allow her to leverage her time as a busy mom raising and homeschooling seven children. Passionate and animated when on stage, Sandi exudes a quiet confidence in private, rooted in her belief that network marketing is the best profession to be in. She knows from experience it’s a viable business with unlimited income potential regardless of the economic climate, and that anyone can build it as long as they apply some basic principles, proven methods, and unwavering dedication. After being a single mom, Sandi met her soulmate around the same time she found her current company in 2013. Travis and Sandi are looking forward to expanding their business, taking their children to see the world, and making a difference together.

How did you get started in the business? In 1988, I was attending cosmetology school. I had gone to trade school before, but I wasn’t as happy with my choice as I thought I would be. At my first opportunity meeting I loved the idea that I could work for myself—create my own schedule, my income, my team, and an environment conducive to raising a family. I’d always been entrepreneurial. As early as in 6th grade, I’d make bracelets, add price tags, and sell them at school so I could always tuck some money away to do things I wanted to do. After I went to beauty school, I wanted to eventually own a salon, but quickly realized what that entailed and that it wouldn’t give me the freedom I was looking for. I jumped into that first opportunity and got started the very next day. I was hungry and openminded. I loved the fact that the company pro-

January/February 2016

vided a structure and a routine, and that I had somebody who was mentoring me. From the beginning I understood that this was a viable business and I treated it as such. The gal who enrolled me was a pink Cadillac driver. She had two small children and a home office. She was an excellent role model. I did that for four years before I joined another opportunity.

What made the second opportunity a better fit? My first company was inventory-driven. That was a lot of work. When I moved from California to Washington, I was pregnant with my third child and no longer liked the idea of carrying inventory. There was a leader in this area who introduced me to her company, which sold toys. I wasn’t afraid to change, because I already knew how to create money in direct sales. I still kept my first


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