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ob Sperry and Lance Conrad are passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have been business partners ever since they joined network marketing in 2008. Based in Utah, they are both happily married, raising a family, and heading up a dynamic organization in 40 countries. The glue that holds their team together is a unique culture based on humanitarian service and self-development. Rob and Lance use a “pull marketing” approach that attracts all age groups and increasingly Generation Y. Seeing this growing youth movement concurs with their belief that the future of network marketing hinges on how well we can engage the most globally connected generation in history. Aligned in this vision, Rob and Lance teach young people around the world how to live balanced lives of growth and contribution.

network marketing and being able to choose their own hours. They thrive on the competitive spirit of being able to be recognized for success at a young age. They love getting involved in service projects and doing things that might be considered goofy or out of the box. They see them as social-media friendly, fun, and engaging.

You have been successful in multiple companies. What’s your team demographic? How do you attract mainly young people?

ROB: Gen Y is more humanitarian-driven than any other generation. The old way was often to donate money as a way of buying peace of mind without getting involved. The younger generation wants to get in on the action. You see them travel all around the world helping people, because they enjoy serving and get an experience that changes their life. The world has never been more connected through technology, however people feel more disconnected than ever. They spend their days texting and on social media. They miss having live interactions and are hungry for personal connection—real life experiences!

LANCE: When we got started, we had mostly baby boomers, because we were taught to look for successful business people with a lot of life experience. Over time, that shifted to where we now attract all demographics, but we see a huge shift in the profession coming with the Gen Y movement. It is the most naturally networked generation in history. They grew up on social media. They thrive on it. While I started with 10 names in a flip phone, we rarely get somebody in their 20s who doesn’t have 300 to 500 friends they’re communicating with on a daily basis through one of their social media platforms. Our demographic has increasingly become “young and fun.” It’s not that we’ve shunned the existing leaders, the 40-, 50-, 60-year olds, but our culture attracts a lot of young people. They love the pay-for-performance business model of

LANCE: Gen Y would rather make $30,000 a year and work when they want, how they want, than make $50,000 a year and have a job where they don’t get to take time off or travel with their friends. Life becomes more about freedom and lifestyle. One big myth is that Gen Y shuns work. In our experience, they work harder than any group we’ve ever had, as long as they have a purpose and passion. Working to them is hanging out with friends, which they do till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, because they’re always networking. They prioritize humanitarian service, recognition, learning, and travel over making money. When you offer them a vehicle that provides all these things, they’ll outwork everyone. Our strategy is not to focus on one age group. We are an all-inclusive team. We teach the baby boomers and the Gen Xers the value of Gen Y. All

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