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RISING STAR Journey to Freedom Nathan and Jennifer France lead a growing network marketing organization of 12,000 people from their home in Minnesota. High school sweethearts, they had been married for 18 years when they came across their current company in 2012. Jenn was working in the pharmaceutical industry and Nate was running his construction and real estate companies. With three teenage children, they were doing well financially, but family time was scarce and life was stressful.


OUR TIMES – PART 2 “How do we cultivate an abundance mindset?” (continued) • Todd Falcone, The Abundant Networker • Loren Robin, Swim and Dive Deep • Frank Keefer, A Fait Accompli • Doug Firebaugh, What Is Your Heart Set On? • Don Karn, Financial Abundance Across the Century


THE CLOSE Happy Birthday John David Mann When you create the reality in your mind, there’s no limit to what the universe will rearrange to make it happen.


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NT1406 Nov/Dec 2015 Preview  

Our Nov/Dec 2015 issue asks how we can cultivate an Abundance Mindset to create prosperity for ourselves and others. Lead interview with Aym...

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