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rian and Danielle Morgan are a young network marketing couple that’s leading a growing team of several thousand customers and associates from their home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Ever since they met, the Morgans’ dream has been to build a business so successful it would allow them both to be stay-at-home parents. Danielle and Brian had their first child in April 2015 and have spent every single day with him. “It wasn’t that long ago that we would have thought our life today was just a dream,” says Brian. “We are living proof that it can happen!” “We are passionate about helping people around the world live better lives,” says Danielle, “to help them dream bigger and know in their heart that they are worthy of abundance and wealth in all areas of life.” —J.G.

Brian’s Story Brian Morgan was a licensed flight engineer about to be laid off by the airline when he was first introduced to network marketing in 2008. When his friend Carlos invited him to check out a “business idea,” he was intrigued and agreed to attend a meeting. On his way over, Brian received a call from another friend who warned him this was network marketing. “I immediately turned my truck around and gave my friend an excuse for why I had to cancel,” Brian recalls. “I felt so negative about MLM because I’d never known anyone who had been successful at it, and I didn’t want to waste my time.” Carlos had also invited Brian’s younger brother Mark, who did attend the meeting that night. Mark joined and reached out to Brian, who at this point decided to do his due diligence. He even talked to his tax attorney and received his blessing, so Brian decided to give the business a shot. “I got started quickly because my days were numbered at my job,” he says. “To boost my confidence, I read up on the history of network marketing, spent time on, and visited the biggest direct selling company websites. Brian’s upline was the only person he’d ever known who was making a significant network mar-

November/December 2015

keting income, so Brian followed his instructions to a tee: make phone calls, set appointments, show the plan, help your new team members show the plan—and repeat. “That’s exactly what I did,” says Brian, “It worked so well I became the company’s Rookie of the Year in 2008. Little did I know, I’d also meet the woman who would become my wife.”

Danielle’s Story Danielle was introduced to network marketing at age 26. It didn’t take her long after college to realize that working for someone else wasn’t going to give her the life she truly desired. She had a hard time making ends meet after paying taxes, bills, and student loans. Driving to work she would wonder, “Will this be my life for the next 40 years, nine-to-five with weekends off?” She was stressed out, unfulfilled, and her health was failing. Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and watching The Secret in 2007 gave her a defining moment that took her out of her rut. “Why did no one teach me Kiyosaki’s information in high school or college?” she wondered. The Secret helped her rekindle her passion for life. She knew in her heart that life would change for the better if she could keep her thoughts and feelings positive and take action when her inner voice said “Go!”


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