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mmanuel and Kimberly Bernstein are a dynamic network marketing couple passionate about making new friends, building teams, and changing lives. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve led organizations of more than 100,000 members in 17 countries. After being involved in a company for 13 years since the late nineties, they joined their current company seven years ago. Reflecting on their success, the Bernsteins point to a strong focus on personal development. “It’s been in our lives for 20 years now,” says Emmanuel, “and we make sure the people who join our business are listening and reading something positive every day. Ongoing personal development is the fastest way for someone to build belief in themselves.” Kimberly adds, “We just love building friendships, having fun, and creating additional finances together. We really get to know our distributors and their families. From there we teach them how to leverage themselves into full-fledged business builders.” Learning to work together as a couple has been a learning process for the Bernsteins, especially when Kimberly’s role changed from building her distributorship to becoming a stay-at-home mom. They love how their company encourages leaders to bring their families to events and incentive trips. They believe when business offers a family environment, this is the best of all worlds. —J.G.

How did you get started in the business? EMMANUEL: I always had an entrepreneurial

mindset from the time I was a kid growing up in Chicago. My dad used to take me to various business seminars like Zig Ziglar’s. At the age of 12 I found myself sitting in the front row, listening in awe and learning how to be successful in life. My mom passed when I was 10, so my dad had to step in and take care of four children. He had an entrepreneurial spirit himself and I loved learning from him. I did well in school and when I graduated, I was hired as a technical support rep doing medical installations. I was traveling all over the country, but I knew working a job wasn’t for me. It so happened that every time I checked into a hotel, I would notice a company name on the marquee that sparked my curiosity. It took me a couple of months to see it all over the place. Finally on Valentine’s Day 1997, I was at a hotel in Dallas where I was living at the time and there was that sign again.

November/December 2015 November/December 2015

This time my curiosity overwhelmed me so I decided to inquire what this company was about. I followed the arrows to a room and found out it was network marketing, a concept I’d never heard of. It was a small meeting and I didn’t know anyone. At the end of the presentation I waited around to speak to the presenter, an energetic gentleman dressed in a sharp suit. We exchanged phone numbers and he came to my house the next day. He showed me the opportunity and I joined.

Just like that. You didn’t have any reservations? EMMANUEL: I was already looking for another

way to supplement my income. I was hungry for making six figures a year any way I could. A little naïve, I thought my first job would lead me there, but soon realized the money my corporation was paying me would not allow me to provide for a future family. I was single at the time, but I was looking 10 years down the road.


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