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ike Sims is a top earner in one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world today. Born and raised in Opelika, Alabama, Mike currently holds residences in Atlanta and Miami. He also spends time traveling the world to lead his global team of over 150,000 members. Mike also serves as the CEO of Mike Sims Worldwide, a company with a focus on venture capital investments, apparel design, real estate, business coaching and mentoring. As a mentor, Mike is dedicated to using his expertise to help others realize their dreams. He says his gift to connect with people has provided him with a unique opportunity to give back what has been poured into him by the multiple mentors he has been fortunate to learn from over the years. An internationally recognized personal growth and leadership expert, Mike is committed to using his platform to educate youth and business-minded adults by providing world-class training and resources for developing life and business skills.

What was your first encounter with net- people’s opinions and start listening to indiwork marketing? viduals who had the outcomes I was looking for My background is in financial services, and I noticed one of my clients had a residual income stream of multiple six figures a month. As I started to ask questions, he let me know it came from network marketing and encouraged me to take a look at it. He was earning more in a week than I was in the entire year, so his financial plan was a lot better than mine, even though I was his financial planner. I was intrigued, but I didn’t get involved in network marketing immediately. I asked my parents and some other people for advice, and because they either had a bad experience or no business experience, they recommended that I stick to my job. A couple of months later I met another successful network marketing professional who invited me to a seminar the following day. One of the presenters was Brad Hager, the second sixfigure monthly earner I met. He said something that got my attention: If you buy other people’s opinions, you buy their lifestyle. Life is something everyone has; style is the way you get to live it. That’s when I decided to stop buying other

September/October 2015

in terms of financial and time freedom. I found a network marketing company and got started. This was in 2000 and I was 22 years old.

How did you find your company? I did some research and came across an ad in the paper that mentioned a six-figure income and a businessman looking for a few people to train and coach. When I called the number, the gentleman said, “You look like a great candidate for what we have.” I had no idea it was a network marketing opportunity, even though I was already looking for one. I sat down with him and got started in a company selling legal services. I quit my job a few days later, because one of the things I heard at that initial seminar was, “If someone tells you how much time you have for lunch every day, they have too much control over your life.” The next Monday I was hurrying up to finish my lunch at work because someone had changed the schedule around. I said, “That’s it.” What I heard at that seminar kept replaying in my head, and I decided to walk out.


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